Talented and good-looking actor Nausheen Ali Sardar has taken up the cudgels on behalf of many Mumbai city pet owners by lobbying the state govt to set up a dedicated pet cremation centre in the suburbs.

” For the moment there is only the only centre for bidding goodbye to our loved pet in Lower Parel(central Mumbai. )so, not only are the charges high, but you need to wait two or three days forcing people to bury their pets even on the road. You can’t even bury your cute animals in the building garden in face of society objections, all this is very disrespectful.” says this gal who ruled TV years back as Kkusum. Her other notable small-screen projects have Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka, Beend Banoongaa Ghodi Chadhunga and Ganga etc

Being a pet lover, I have joined hands with an NGO, Ekta Manch, run by Mr Ajay Kaul. we hope to set up one small cremation unit in the western suburbs in conjunction with Govt

” I have lost a pet myself to understand what the hell others go through. We want to extend our services to even strays. All living beings deserve a decent passing.” says Nausheen.

“We are trying to liaise with the govt and find one particular spot between Andheri and Malad. This endeavour is purely charitable. We hope to get more celeb to join in soon.” added she.

Nausheen, who has just done the Alt Balaji web series, Class of 2020 web, has a few exciting projects up her sleeve, both web and films.

” One of my earlier made films, Murder At Teesri Manzil 302, will also drop on Zee Five on new year’s eve.

I loved being part of his suspense thriller where I have a substantial supporting role. “It will also be unique as it will be the last film of the great Irfan Khan. With Irfanji I noticed what he is on the big screen- he is…. the same off screen…. Down to earth….heart of a common man with no ego or false pretense …

Nausheen was also part of Vikram Bhatt’s Three: Love, Lies, Betrayal as a lead.