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The episode begins with Rishita asking if anyone is at home. Dhara hides her saree pallu which is visible. Rishita doesn’t get any response. She concludes that no one is at home and goes upstairs. Other side Gautam reads a poster in which is written that the baby in photo is seen with Dhara and if anyone sees her to contact the police. Gautam phones Shiva.

The latter asks Gautam about Dhara to which Gautam says that he doesn’t know where she’s, but police says that the baby is with Dhara. Gautam adds that Dhara can’t kidnap someone else baby. Shiva assures Gautam that he will find Dhara. Gautam asks Shiva about Raavi. Shiva says Gautam to not mention her name. Gautam says that Raavi got him arrested in anger, but it’s not possible that she didn’t come to save him. Gautam doubts that Raavi is in some trouble. Prafulla might be taking advantage of Raavi’s innocence. Gautam is certain that Raavi was trapped.

Krish comes by that side and notices Gautam. He comes to Gautam and hugs him. Shiva learns that Krish has come. He says that they all find Dhara. Gautam says that each family member is important for him and asks Shiva to find Raavi along with Dhara. Shiva says to Suman to go in. Shiva takes a stick and leaves saying that she’s going to Raavi. Suman gets worried and tries to stop, but in vain. Rishita comes to the kitchen to get water. She sees the food on the kitchen and wonders who has made it when no one is at home. She gets scared. she turns around and finds Suman.

Shiva arrives at Prafulla’s house. He threatens Prafulla and asks where Raavi is. Prafulla says that she doesn’t know where she’s. Shiva breaks the things in the house with the stick asking Raavi to come out. Anita asks Prafulla to tell Shiva Raavi’s whereabouts. Prafulla says that she really doesn’t know where she is.

Shiva asks Anita to tell where her sister is. Anita try to make Shiva understand that Raavi isn’t at home. Shiva shouts at them and vows to find her at any cost. Shiva thinks that Gautam is right. Raavi was trapped by Prafulla and Anita. Raavi isreally missing and he has to find. He gets worried about Raavi and leaves. Shiva notices the poster of Dhara and the baby. He wonders how to find Dhara and leaves from there.

Suman thanks Rishita for helping her to save Shiva. Just then Shiva arrives at home. Shiva says that Raavi is missing and he doubts that Prafulla hid her. Rishita asks if he tried to contact her to which Shiva says that he is trying since long. Rishita says that they can trace Raavi’s phone. Shiva decides to go to the police station. Rishita stops him saying that she knows someone in police and tries to contact that person. Just then they hear a baby crying sound. Shiva says that he read in the poster that a baby is with Dhara, Dhara is at home. Rishita says that ever since she has returned home, strange things are happening. The cot fell over her and she saw food was made in the kitchen. Shiva goes to find Dhara in the house.

Dhara is in the storeroom with the baby. She tries to calm the crying baby. She asks the baby to stop crying else she will be snatched from her mother. Dhara hides when Shiva comes there. The baby stops crying. Shiva sits there. He says that it’s wrong to take someone else’s baby, Dhara should think about the baby’s parents. He gets worried that Dhara will get accused of kidnapping. He says that he will find Dhara and Raavi at any cost. He leaves from there. Dhara gets upset that even Shiva didn’t understand her and wants to separate her baby from her. She wonders what happened to all of the family members. They were happy when they heard about baby’s arrival. But when the baby came home, they want to separate them. She hugs the baby and says that she won’t let anyone separate them.

Shiva shows Dhara and Raavi’s’s photo to people and ask if they have seen them. Other side Prafulla is also looking for Raavi. Shiva phones Rishita to know if she has any information about Dhara and Raavi. Rishita says that she doesn’t get any. Shiva looks worried.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita informs Shiva that Raavi’s location is traced. Shiva goes to that location and looks for Raavi.

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