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Star Plus’s new show Pandya store, which is premiering at 11 pm from 25th December onwards, is a remake of the Tamil series Pandian Stores which is a huge hit. According to the promos, the story revolves around a joint family which includes Gautam, elder brother, his wife Dhara, Gautam’s mother, and his three younger brothers, Shiv, Dev, and Krishn.

In the first episode of Pandya store, viewers witness that Gautam is running his dad’s Shop named Pandya store after his dad’s death. Gautam considers the shop as one of his family members. Dhara is a young girl. The locals badmouth Dhara and taunt her saying she’s like her mom for some unknown reasons. Gautam and his brothers visit the mela organized on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Gautam’s Mami flies a kite in which it’s mentioned that Gautam weds Anita. Gautam, his friend Karthik and his brothers get shocked on seeing this. Gautam meets Anita while going to see who flew that kite. It’s revealed that Anita and Gautam are in love. Gautam thinks Anita flew the kite with their names and reprimands her. Anita leaves angrily. Gautam goes after her to convince her.

Meanwhile, someone tries to kidnap Krishn but Dhara saves him. Gautam tries to convince Anita. Gautam reveals that something happened six months before which changed his life. Anita gets convinced. She leaves kissing on Gautam’s cheek. Later Anita meets the lady who had flown the kite. It’s revealed they’re together in this plan. Anita reveals her true side. She tells she will send Gautam’s mom to old age home, his brothers to the hostel, and get the Pandya store on her name after their marriage.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that a woman will advise Dhara. The latter will walk away tearing up. A man who comes in bike stops Dhara. He tells her marriage isn’t happening so asks her to adjust to what she’s getting. He tries to misbehave with her. Few women tell Gautam that he shouldn’t marry Dhara as she doesn’t deserve to become a daughter-in-law of a good family. Dhara will tell the woman that since childhood she only understood everyone but none felt necessary to understand her. Gautam warns the ladies asking them not to speak ill of Dhara again.

Why people badmouth Dhara? What happened with her mom?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what will happen next in the Pandya store, stay tuned to this space.