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Neel rushes to Chahat and tries to wake her up when Sahil tries to hit him. He threatens to kill him if he provokes him today and then lifts Chahat. Neel runs with Chahat and takes her to her home. He makes her lie down and tries to wake her up but she doesn’t open her eyes. Dadi ammi sees Chahat unconscious and asks Neel what he did to her. She gets Neel pulled back and goes to Chahat but he pushes the guards saying that she is his wife. Dadi ammi orders them to throw Neel out so they beat him and throw him out despite his attempts to resist them.

Neel shouts worrying for Chahat and thinks that his love is true and he would pray for her to get well. He goes home and Alka sees him wounded and asks what happened. He tells that Ghazala was out on election rally so Alka asks him whether her men hit him. He says that he is worried about Chahat right now as she fell unconscious while standing. He says that he has to go and pray for Chahat but Alka stops him and says that he has to get first aid on his wounds. Vyas ji is worried that Neel won’t be able to forget Chahat so easily and he has to do something.

Chahat sees her pregnancy test and realizes that she is pregnant and that’s why she fell unconscious. She decides to tell Neel about it even if she can’t stay with him. She goes out happily to inform Neel about his pregnancy when he sees Vyas ji. He confronts her for not fulfilling the promise she made. She asks what she did so he tells that Neel returned wounded after meeting her. She is surprised while Vyas ji says that she cannot stay away from Neel till she stays here and their love will kill Neel one day. He takes a can of kerosene and pours on himself and threatens to kill himself. She stops him and says that she tried her best to create hate in Neel’s heart for herself.

Vyas ji angrily says that he had warned her that he will kill himself if she doesn’t go away from Neel. He is about to burn himself but Chahat stops him and says that she can’t let him die. She says that she will go away from Neel so Vyas ji asks her to leave this town forever right now. She says that she wants to see Neel before leaving but Vyas ji goes without saying anything. Chahat is left heartbroken and cries seeing her pregnancy test kit. She decides to meet him one last time and texts him. Later, Neel reaches the place Chahat mentioned about wondering that Chahat has finally seen his love and was faking all hatred. He thinks that everything will be sorted out and he will apologize for misunderstanding her.

Neel sees Chahat coming in burkha and happily hugs her. He asks her about her health but she distances herself and says that she is fed up of their cursed love. She says that they were foolish enough to think of living with each other and she has committed a big sin by loving a Hindu guy. She says that she has to be punished for her sin and stands on the edge of a cliff. She shows Neel the bomb she is wearing and says that loving him was her biggest mistake as she cannot live with or without him. She says that she has to kill herself and then asks Neel to die with her to set an example for the society. Neel says that their love is not a sin and their love will be complete and asks her to stop this stupidity.

Chahat distances him from her but she somehow pulls her and asks who is forcing her to do all this. She says that no one is forcing her and their fate is like this. She hugs him tightly and then pushes him away. She says that he should forget her and jumps off the cliff. Neel runs to hold her but fails and watches her fall into the water and a blast happening after that. Seven days later… He has a nightmare and shouts loudly. He thinks that Chahat might be still alive and these nightmares might be a signal. He decides to find Chahat at any cost before it’s too late. Ghazala and Dadi ammi prepare for leaving town when Neel comes and asks for Chahat. He asks them where is Chahat but she ignores him and sits in car. Ghazala asks her men to beat Neel badly and they do as told. Neel asks Dadi ammi to give a signal that Chahat is alive and so she throws her handkerchief which Neel sees. The episode ends.