In today’s episode, at dining table Dua tells Hina that she was wrong and asks Hina to forgive her. Hina smiles and kisses Dua’s forehead. Dua hugs Gazal and apologies to her. Gazal doesn’t say anything. Hina asks Dua to give sometime to Gazal so that she can forgive Dua. Gazal tells Gulnaaz that Dua is doing drama, she must be upto something. Gulnaaz says that she fears the same. Dua tells something to Dadi in sign language. Dadi doesn’t understand and praises Dua’s cooking skill. Dua gets worried as Dadi gets indulged in eating instead of implementing their plan.

Dua serves her pickle. Dadi eats it. She starts shouting in pain and says that she is feeling discomfort in her abdomen. She stops Haider from calling the doctor and asks Hina to accompany her as she has appointment. Dua praises dadi in her mind. Gazal tries to decode Dua’s plan. Gulnaaz asks her to keep thinking and leaves for her kitty party. Dua gives tiffin to Haider. Haider praises her and kisses her cheek. Haider wishes to stay back at home to spend time with Dua. Dua thinks it will be problem for her. Haider changes his mind and gears up to leave. Dua bids him bye.

Haider asks if Dua is trying to get rid of him. Dua gets tensed. Haider laughs. Dua asks him to take Ruhaan, Noor and Qainat for outing. Haider asks Dua to join them. Dua says she has work to complete. Haider asks Ruhaan for outing. Ruhaan doesn’t want to go but Haider convinces him. Dua sends Mumtaz for movies with husband. Altaf comes home. Dua informs him that Gazal is alone at home. Dua turns the main line off and says that she has to do this for her family. Gazal looks for candles and calls others. She stumbles and feels someone is behind her. She gets scared.

Dadi thinks that none can save Gazal this time. Altaf calls Gazal. Gazal screams. Hina sees Dadi smiling and asks her about the pain. Dadi says that her pain is gone and asks to take her home. Rahat doesn’t agrees. Gazal shouts for help. Altaf says that there is none at home to save her. Gazal warns him to not come closer. Altaf asks her to keep quiet and holds her forcefully. He says that Gazal put false allegations against him and made him bad in everyone’s eyes now he will molest Gazal in real.

Gazal tries to escape from his clutches but fails. Altaf catches her. Gazal asks him to leave her. Altaf asks her why did she framed him. Gazal admits that Altaf was innocent. Gazal asks Altaf to forgive her and admits that she put false allegations against him as she didn’t want to marry him. Akhtar family comes there. Dadi toungelashes her. Rahat questions Gazal for this deed. Gazal hugs Haider and thanks him for coming to rescue her. Haider pushes her back saying that they know her truth now. Hina slaps Gazal. The episode ends.