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Episode starts with Menika and koyal regretting for taking Dulari lightly and says that she is really smart, Koyal taunts Menika as her plan to throw Dulari out backfired. Menika suggest to damage Dulari’s beauty while koyal refused saying she wont stoop so low to get Ram and declares that she will get him with the power of her love.
On the other side Ram and Dulari hugs each other, he ask if she is really marrying bald kinkshuk and insist her to run away with him, Dulari makes him understand that running away from problems is not a solution while Ram says he is not understanding anything and says that he can’t leave without her, Dulari ask him to relax as she have a plan and was about to tell him when Ram’s mother disturb them knocking the door, she asked him to open it while koyal and Menika also joined her making Ram-Dulari shocked.

Koyal and Menika bangs the door loudly asking Ram to open it while Ram tightly embraced Dulari, at that time Ram’s father came there and ask about the issue to which Menika says that Dulari is singing inside along with Ram while his father gets happy and appreciates them but suddenly sneezed and transformed into Rudra Prasad, all the ladies covers their head while Rudra prasad shouts at Ram and ask him to open the door angrily making Ram flinched.

Dulari cups Ram’s face and ask him to trust her in whatever she will do while Rudra prasad tries to break Ram’s door making them worried, he again sneezed transforming back to Ram’s father Bhadra Prasad and ask the ladies that why is he breaking Ram’s door? Menika again informs him that it’s because Dulari is inside with Ram, while he again sneezed transforming into Rudra Prasad and shouts at Ram and again sneezed coming back to Bhadra Prasad and this keeps on going, the ladies keeps on covering and uncovering their heads, at last he gets into Rudra Prasad character and runs to break the door while at the same time Ram opens it making him fall into the bed, everyone gathered around him while he again sneezed returning back to Bhadra Prasad, Ram helps him to get up while he ask how he came inside Ram’s room? To which Ram informs him about the incident.

Ram’s father addressed Dulari as his daughter-in-law while koyal tries to correct him but Dulari interrupts saying he isn’t wrong as she is wife of Ram till he gets married to koyal and further says that this room belongs to her only which makes Koyal suspicious, Menika says it isn’t appropriate for Dulari and Ram to stay in same room as they are going to marry someone else! To which Dulari ask then where she will sleep as Ram’s parents are staying in one room and other room is for koyal and Menika! Ram’s mother declares that Dulari will sleep in koyal and Menika’s room and ask them to shift in a small spare room and warns everyone to treat Dulari well making Dulari smile.

Dulari smirks at koyal and Menika shifting into their room and starts saying something about Ram but stopped in the middle making Koyal anxious and further sits on bed saying that she needs to relax, she taunts koyal and then ask her to take rest as well. She sends both of them out of her room and closed the door.

Ram sits with chacha and Irfan while Irfan keeps complaining that he haven’t got a chance to marry once and here Ram is getting married for the second time, to which Ram ask him to stop his nonsense and give some solution for his problem. Later Ram thinks that Dulari have some plan and wonders about it.

Dulari serves Ram’s parents favourite food to them saying that Ram told her about all their likes and dislikes, while they looks at her happily, later Ram’s mother gazes her emotionally and tries to stop her asking not to do so much but Dulari interrupts saying let her serve them till she is here making them guilty. At that time Dulari gets patang’s call who informed her that he have seen Koyal’s brother all fit and fine and says that there is definitely some planning going on to separate Ram from Dulari, Dulari thinks about it and says if Koyal’s brother isn’t injured then there is no point of blackmailing Ram, she further declares that she will trap koyal on her own web and will save Ram no matter what. Later Koyal and Dulari glares at each other.