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Drama to galore in Ishq Mein Marjawan during Vansh and Riddhima’s anniversary celebration.

So far in the episode, Daadi and Ishani both accuse Riddhima for snatching Singhania’s peace. Vansh gets irked with the accusation and hurt himself. Riddhima asks Vansh if he is hurt. Vansh asks Riddhima to open up about 6 hour mystery. Riddhima refuses to tell Vansh the truth. Vansh leaves the place.

Here, Riddhima thinks she can’t disclose to Vansh anything until deal is over. She gets teary. Further, Riddhima goes to meet Kabir. She recalls how she shot Kabir to protect Vansh. Kabir threatens Riddhima once Vansh will come to learn about her deal, he will not spare her. Riddhima stands chilled out. Kabir laughs and says to Riddhima that Vansh will kill her along with him. He says he knows Vansh well as he will not let her complete the deal. Riddhima shifts Kabir to different place before Vansh reach her. Later, Kiara fails to tell Vansh about her connection with the black box.

There, Vansh reach jungle place to decode the mystery. Riddhima tricks Vansh and sends him to the different place. Meanwhile, Ishani keeps instigating Angre against Vansh. He asks him to remember along with Vansh’s helper, he is also son-in law of Singhania’s.

Now in the upcoming episode, Riddhima will asks her man to take care of Kabir. Elsewhere, Vansh will decode Riddhima made fool of him by writing wrong address on the wall. Meanwhile, Riddhima will fetch the black box in Vansh’s absence and will give it to Vyom. Vansh will spot Riddhima with the black box. Do Vansh will confront Riddhima about the box? Do Riddhima will be able to complete her deal with Vyom? Well, time will only tell. Keep watching the show mon-sat on voot select.

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