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The episode starts with Diya calling Arjun seeing all the decorations. She gets overwhelmed. Arjun comes singing happy birthday song and he places the chocolate cake on the table. He asks Diya whether she liked all the arrangements. He says he made all these to make her feel special. He lights the candles and admits that though he is her husband but he doesn’t know her birthdate and he never tried to ask her about her likes and dislikes. He says he got to know when is her birthday from the academy form. He says she looks pretty in red but he never asked what is her favourite color. He teases her but he never asked she fought with how many boys in her college life. He never thought after marriage things changed for her and she faced difficulties to adjust with his family and she faced all the consequences. He only thought about his dream badminton and he forced her to eat diet food. He forced her to do workout and she also never complained against that.

She accepted everything and obeyed him. He says he is feeling grateful towards her as she became that Ray of hope in his life which he was searching for. He adds he can’t express how happy he is today and the respect he has for Diya has increased even more. He gets emotional saying he never tried to become her true life partner but he doubted her intentions. He hurt her a lot. So today he wants to thank her and wants to apologise to her. Diya also gets teary and says she didn’t expect all these and she never thought she can be this much special for someone. Arjun says now Diya will get such kind of surprises daily. Diya holds Arjun’s hand and he says he is expecting something else from her.

Diya gets his point and hugs him. They share a romantic moment and Diya kisses his hand. Kush and Dipika arrive. They tease Arjun and Diya. Kush says Arjun took all the credits when they also helped him in doing the preparations. Arjun says it was his idea and Kush says but they also planned it. Kush wishes Diya always stays happily with Arjun. Arjun reveals he made the cake for Diya. Diya asks about other family members before cake cutting. Kush says Niharika won’t come here to ruin their happy mood. Dipika says Luv is busy for urgent work. Madhuri comes and wishes Diya for her birthday. She says she could have joined them too for the celebration. Diya cuts the cake and Arjun tells her to feed the cake to Madhuri first. Kush says Arjun made arrangements for surprise party for the first time after Madhuri.

Parvati tells Karan that she couldnt keep the drugs in Arjun’s room. But she will try later. Karan says she should complete her work before press conference. Police raid will happen in Agarwal Mansion to catch Arjun with the drugs. He warns Parvati saying if she fails she will get caught by the police instead. Karan thinks he will trap Arjun this time for sure. Madhuri makes payesh for Diya and she refuses to take anyone’s help. Later she learns that Arjun left the house urgently. Madhuri’s hand gets burnt as she got distracted. She looks stressed.

Episode ends