After getting married Sameer and Naina is facing trouble one after the other.

Now ahead in the upcoming episode viewers will witness some high drama after mama and mami will come to visit the duo at their house. After seeing the condition of the house Mami will taunt Naina and Sameer that they got married at very early age and this marriage will get over in 6 months. Naina gets upset hearing this while Sameer calms her down. Further when Naina will call chachi chachi with a hope that they will support her but they will also end up taunting and giving relationship advice to her.

Sameer will ask Naina not to worry as he is always at her side. Mama Mami will ask Naina to prepare daal baati for them for the dinner. Naina will prepare it but she will fear to serve, as Baati will be very hard to eat. Accidentally her baati will fall on Mama’s head and he will get hurt. Mami will once again taunt and scold her. She will say that Naina and Sameer got married at very early age in hurry thus this marriage will not last long. Naina will once again look for Sameer to make her out from this situation. Do Sameer will help Naina?

What Naina and Sameer will do next to prove everyone wrong? It will be interesting to watch.

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