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Episode begins with Police reaches Raghav’s house to arrest Risha. Siya asks Police inspector that why he want to arrest Risha. Police inspector tells her that he came to arrest Risha in drug case. She tells him that Risha don’t consume drugs. He tells her that Risha sells drugs and Risha transferred 5 crores to buy drugs.

Siya asks Risha that what is all this. Risha tells her that she don’t know anything about drugs. She says that she invested 5 crores to get double money but that guy ran away with her money. She adds that she did not know that guy bought drugs using that money. Siya tells Police inspector that Risha did not buy drugs. Police inspector tells her to prove this in the court. He takes Risha from there. Raghav’s mother tells Siya to do something. Siya tells her that she will talk to lawyer.

On the other hand, Khushi recalls that how Viraj said he won’t marry Siya. Tushar comes there. He tells her that he brought her favorite butterscotch ice cream. She refuses to eat it. He asks her to stay angry with Viraj and Siya. He requests her to leave her anger. She tells him that she don’t want to talk to him. He tells her that he came to help her. She tells him to convince Viraj and Siya for marriage. He tells her that he will do anything except that. She tells him that she don’t want anything else. She asks him to leave from there. He asks her to listen him once. She refuses to listen him. So he leaves from there.

Siya tells thanks to lawyer. Raghav’s mother brings Risha. Siya asks her that if the latter faced any problem. Raghav’s mother slaps Risha. She scolds Risha for getting greedy. She says that they lost money and reputation. She tells Risha to learn to think about their family. Siya tells her to calm down and they will talk later. Raghav’s mother warns Risha to ask Siya before taking any decision. Risha goes inside.

Siya tells Raghav’s mother that Risha would have realised her mistake. She says that they should be happy Risha is fine. Raghav’s mother says that it would have been good if Risha is mature like Siya. She tells thanks to Siya. Siya tells her that they are family so the latter need not to say sorry. Risha recalls her mother’s slap and her words and gets angry. She calls someone.

Sushma’s neighbors throws egg on Sushma. They chants against Siya. Tushar saves Sushma. Risha learns that Siya’s family got insulted. Siya learns about her family’s insult. Sushma tells Siya to not come to house. Dadi tells Siya that they can fight their neighbors. Siya decides to find out who is behind all this and also her father’s killer.

Episode ends.

Precap – Siya gets Viraj’s laptop from Unniyal.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 20th December 2023 Written Update: Risha gets arrested