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The episode starts with Nandhini instructing Divya to unlock the door when she receives message from Vanaja. Otherside Arun, Aishwarya and Purushotaman are getting ready to leave. Arun tries to open the room door, but is unable. They think the door got jammed. The trio call their servants to ask them to open the door with the spare keys, but all the servants aren’t in the house, as Vanaja had sent them out for different reasons. Aishwarya says she’s feeling something suspicious.

Arun says yesterday when mom couldn’t remember the temple name, Vanaja interrupts them saying the name. He says he feels Vanaja is playing some game. They decide to call Akhila’s driver to know to which temple they are going, but the driver doesn’t receive the call. Purushotaman says they thought that Vanaja will not cause any problem when she wanted to accompany Akhila but they’re wrong. She has planned something big. Arun says they have to find out if mom is going to Kalyana Perumal temple where Adhi and Parvathi’s function is taking place.

At the temple, Perumal finds Adhi talking in phone. Perumal asks if Thirumagaliyam is with him. Adhi says yes and gives it to Perumal. The latter says a VIP is coming to attend his wedding anniversary. She’s a lady and big personality. He will get to know who she is when she will come.

Akhila’s car suddenly breaks down. The driver gets down to check the engine. Purushotaman asks Aishwarya to call the driver once again. She does so. The driver answers the call and tells they are going to Kalyana Perumal Temple. Vanaja asks the driver who is in the call. He replies Aishwarya and she has asked the temple name. Otherside Aishwarya informs Purushotaman and Arun Akhila has gone to Kalyana Perumal Temple. They all look tensed.

In the priest calls Parvathi, as she has to touch the pooja plate so that they can start the pooja. Just then Parvathi arrives in red color saree. She asks Perumal and Janu where Adhi is. Perumal says he’s in phone call. Janu sends Parvathi to Pray to God. Nandhini phones a woman, who is sitting among the crowd in the temple. Nandhini gives some instructions. That girls goes back and pretends to help the priest.

Parvathi is praying to God. She says they didn’t get Akhila’s blessings even after 1 year of their marriage. Akhila’s car is repired and the driver drives off. Parvathi says she is longing for Akhila blessings from the past one year. She will feel blessed if she gets Akhila’s blessings on their first wedding anniversary and prays God to fulfill her wish. The girl sent by Nandhini takes the palte which has the Thirumangaliyam to get everyone’s blessing When one one notices, she hides the Thirumangaliyam under her saree and place the plate back to his place.

Akhila calls Perumal. The latter left his phone in Janu’s hand. Janu is looking for Perumal. As she can’t find, she gives the phone to Parvathi asking speak, since she has some work. Parvathi hesitates to speak. Just then she spots Perumal and handover the phone to him. Perumal asks Akhila where she is. She says she’s on the way. She asks if everything is ready as she can’t stay there for longtime.

Perumal assures her everything is ready. Later he tells to Parvathi that the lady for whom she had made rasam is coming to their function and she’s lucky to get her blessings. Parvathi thinks she will feel Lucky if she gets Akhila’s blessings.

The Divine marriage pooja begins. The priest asks to bring oil. Parvathi goes to bring it. Arun says they should inform Parvathi about Akhila coming to that temple and asks her to be more alert. When Aishwarya calls Parvathi, she finds her phone switched off. It’s revealed the girl sent by Nandhini has Parvathi’s phone. The priest asks another priest to bring Thirumangaliyam.

The priest notices the Thirumangaliyam is missing and tells to Peumal. They search for Thirumangaliyam, but can’t find it. Adhi asks not to tell about it to Parvathi as she will take it as a bad omen. He says he will go and buy another one. He leaves. Parvathi, who comes back, asks where Adhi is. Janu lies he got a call. Outside the temple, when Adhi leaves the temple, Akhila’s car reaches there.

The episode ends.