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The episode starts with Adhi taking out Parvathy while supporting her to walk. Adhi questions her how will she walk with this wounded leg? Parvathy assures to him that she can able to walk. Adhi complaints that she can’t even take one step properly then how will she walk? Parvathy says to him that she can manage it. Adhi says to her that he will carry her. Parvathy deny it. Adhi again offers help to her but she refuses to accept his help, reasoning someone will misunderstand them! Adhi says to her that everyone can understand her situation. Parvathy is adamant in her decision. Adhi alerts her that stairs is here how will she step down with these wounded leg? Parvathy gets nervous to see the stairs. She thinks that she would have accept Adhi’s help instead of refusing it. Adhi again offers help to her but this time Parvathy stays silent. Adhi carries her in his hand and slowly stepping down from stairs. Parvathy notices Purushothaman there. She asks Adhi to place her down. Adhi nods and make her stands down. He helps her further to walk. Purushothaman notices them and goes near them.

Purushothaman questions Parvathy doesn’t doctor asked her to take rest? Where are they going now? Parvathy informs to him that she is going to Temple. Purushothaman advises to her let’s go to temple once she got well. Parvathy says to him that she can able to manage it. Purushothaman questions Adhi why don’t he make Parvathy understand it? He says to Purushothaman that Parvathy informed to him, that it’s a important pooja to her. She wants to attend it that’s why he agrees to go with her. Purushothaman questions Parvathy what’s that important Pooja? Parvathy says to Purushothaman that her prayer will don’t get fulfill if she shares it to another one. Purushothaman agrees with her. He asks Adhi to take care of Parvathy. He nods.

Adhi and Parvathy reaches to temple. Parvathy starts doing the pooja. Meanwhile Mahesh and Rajeshwari is coming in car. Rajesjwari thinks that Bhavani is a disturbance in Mahesh’s life. If she kill her then Mahesh has no other option then listen her. She feels it’s the correct decision. Rajeshwari sends message to Rathnam. She asks him to kill Bhavani. Mahesh smiles to her unaware of her intention. Parvathy finishes her pooja and asks Priest to do the archana on Akhila’s name. Parvathy thinks that she wishes to gift Adhi to Akhila on her Anniversary. But she is lack of idea! She asks god to help her. During this time Rathnam’s henchmans are chasing Bhavani. She is trying to escape from them. She dials to Mahesh but his number is not reachable.

Parvathy informs to Adhi that she wants to do ‘Adi pradarshanam’. Adhi scolds her for doing crazy things. Parvathy says to him it’s her prayer, so she might do it. May be god is teating her. Bhavani enters into the gudown. She dials to Adhi. She informs to him that Rathnam’s goons are chasing her. She hide inside one Gudown. He assures to her that he will be there soon. Adhi informs this matter to Parvathy. She asks him to help her. Adhi is enaquires to people about Bhavani. Goons finds Bhavani’s place. She pleads them to leave her! They didn’t show mercy on her and slaps her. Bhavani falls on Adhi’s feet.

Episode end.