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The episode starts with Saumya trying to convince Preeto saying the baby doesn’t belong to them as she has her own family. They can’t be selfish by snatching the baby from her grandparents. So Preeto should understand their situation. Preeto says she knew Saumya will say something like this but is this so easy for her to let the baby go. Saumya says ofcourse not especially when Preeto considers the baby as Heer. She says they will look after the child like Heer and they will give money for her education but she will just stay with her family. Preeto gets convinced with a heavy heart and goes out of the room with the baby. Angel does drama seeing the child and Preeto prays to Matarani for the child’s well being and better future. She says just how Heer suffered this child should not suffer like her. Harak blesses the baby and they pray for her good future.

Saumya gives the baby to Angel and tells Inspector that they just need permission to meet the baby often and they will take the responsibility of her education. Saumya gives expensive bangles to Angel for financial help. Angel leaves with the baby and Preeto gets disheartened. Saumya consoles her. Chintu takes adoption papers from lawyer and tears it apart. Everyone gets shocked. He says the child is gone now she will not get any share of the property. Chintu says Veeran wants to tell them something. Veeran tells Harak that they are his family and he does not want to ruin their family name and status by taking the matter to the court so he just needs his share in the property without creating any scene. As he can’t trust Preeto, he can’t understand her peculiar aggressive behaviour too. She can give the property to anyone in future which he will not accept. Veeran goes to his room and Harak tells him how can he think of leaving the house. How can he be so selfish, who brainwashed him. Chintu tells on behalf of Raavi that his mother won’t claim anything but he will not stay quiet. He wants equal share of the property. Simran, Raavi, Veeran will get 25% each. Then they will leave. Harak can stay in this house with his own family. Saumya and Preeto glare at him. Chintu leaves with Raavi.

Angel is on her way with the kid and calls Chintu. She tells him that work is done. Chintu gets happy and thanks her for executing the masterplan. He cuts the call and gets shocked seeing Saumya. Saumya looks on.

Episode ends