12 years back; sexy hunk stepped into the industry with Zee TV show Kasamh Se as Vicky Jai Walia. But actor rose to fame by playing the out of the box character ‘Vampire’. Vivian played the role of Vampire in Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani’. His flawless actingRead More →

Today’s opens with Shanno telling to Varun that their work is done and Soham learned the truth. Mahi brings Soham. Shanno and Varun instigate Soham against Saumya and Preeto. Soham decides to go with Varun. Shanno thinks now Varun will tell her Saumya’s address.  There, Heer cries for Soham andRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Shanno and Soham. They enters Preeto’s room.  Shanno takes the cupboard key from Preeto drawer and checks if she is sleeping or not. Reet celebrates her birthday. She cuts the cake. Heer ask mobile from Gayatri’s and everyone enjoys the party after she plays the song.Read More →


Today’s episode starts with Soham. He goes to Preeto’s room and tries to open her cupboard. He finds it lock and seeks help from Shanno. Shanno tells Soham she will help him tonight for finding the papers. Sindhu and Preeto promotes the colors tv new show ‘Shubhaaram’. Other side, Gayatri,Read More →

Today’s episode opens with Maninder. He gives promise to Preeto and says till he is alive he will not let anyone harm Saumya. Varun overhears their talks and says Maninder knows about Saumya. Preeto says now she is  happy that after Harman, Saumya got the new protector. Varun follows ManinderRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Gayatri. She shows Maninder Saumya’s room CCTV wire and says someone has cut it. Bebe covers the talk and says she too has heard someone’s footwear sound. and ask Gayatri to inform the police. Gayatri says no need, as she will fit the CCTV cameras everywhere.Read More →

Today’s opens starts with Varun. He sees Soham and slips from the stairs. Soham ask Varun to sit. He applies ointment on Varun’s wound. Shanno gets happy thinking God is on her side. Soham kisses Varun’s wound. Varun recalls his moments with Soham. Shanno tries to manipulate Varun and heRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Ravi asking Heer where her maths book is. Sindhu, Preeto and Ravi looks for Heer’s maths copy. Raavi finds the copy and Heer got scared thinking she has hidden Reet’s address in it. Paper falls down and Raavi picks it up. There, Reet takes Heer’s nameRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Maninder goes to Saumya and about to stab her.  He gets shocked seeing Gayatri standing. Gayatri ask Maninder what he is doing here. Heer prays to the God to protect Saumya.  Gayatri ask Maninder not to let anyone know about Saumya. Maninder ask the reason. GayatriRead More →