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The episode starts with Saumya telling Preeto not to get sad for the baby as she deserves to stay with her family. Her grandparents need her. She tells Preeto to have food else she won’t be able to help the baby. Saumya says they will educate her and will give her all happiness. Preeto says she is not hungry but Saumya convinces her.


Chintu talks to Angel happily and praises her masterplan. He says she even changed her voice, that was really fun. Chintu says now his only dream to separate the family members will come true. He broke their bond. Saumya overhears that and goes towards him angrily. She grabs his collar and takes him to hall. She slaps him twice and says he took advantage of her silence. He stooped so low that he didn’t spare a child. Everyone comes there and Saumya reveals to Preeto that Chintu joined hands with Angel and gave the child to her. She doesn’t have her family. He even provoked Raavi, Veeran and Simran to take the share of the property. Veeran and Raavi reveal that they didn’t have idea about it, Chintu lied to them that he will give the child to a family where she will get a good life but he gave her to Angel.

Chintu asks why are they behaving strangely. They also wanted to get rid of the child then why do they care. He adds he will take revenge from Saumya and Preeto for his father’s death. Now they will suffer as Angel took the child far away from them. Preeto fumes with anger and she says she will punish Chintu for his act. She brings a gun and holds him at gun point. She says Chintu will never change. He is like his father and he has to die today. He even used a child to take revenge. Preeto pulls the trigger and Saumya changes her hand direction. The bullet goes upward. Everyone stands shocked. Chintu gets stunned. Preeto asks Saumya why the latter stopped her from shooting him. Harman tells Preeto they should find Angel first as she can escape.


Harman leaves with Virat and Harak. Saumya and Preeto go to Angel’s House. They see that the kinnars are crying for their loss. Saumya tells them to stop their drama and asks them about Angel’s whereabouts but they reveal that Angel betrayed them by stealing all their earning and ran away with the baby. Saumya gets shocked and says how can they trust Angel after seeing her wrongdoings. She is just a greedy person and she only loves herself. She betrayed her own community people. They didn’t take stand before now what’s the point of crying. They could have found her instead of wasting time here. Kinnars regret and tell Saumya to scold them more. Saumya says they are not weak and they don’t need a leader either. They can stand up for their rights and cant let Angel run away with their money. Saumya and Preeto leave.


Raavi slaps Chintu for his act. She says he lost humanity and he even risked a child’s life due to hatred. How can he give the child to Angel. Chintu asks Raavi she is blaming her own son for that unnamed baby. Veeran says they trusted him but now they are involved in this crime unintentionally because of him. Chintu should get a slap for tricking them. Saumya and Preeto go out and Preeto says Angel can harm the child and how will they find her now. Saumya gets call from Harman and the latter tells her that he informed Police already. Saumya says what Angel did to her community people. Harman and Saumya get worried thinking where is Angel now.


Episode ends