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Episode begins with Rani informs Asha that Raja admitted in new hospital for his next surgery. Asha asks what was the need of it. Mihir says he only suggested to shift Raja to another hospital and says saving Raja’s life is in their hands now looking at Rani.

 Asha says he is the Doctor then why he is saying like this. He says with treatment their blessings also needed to save him. Kesha was cleaning the house. Utsav notices her injury and asks what happened to her. She says while chopping the vegetables it happened and his mother treated her injury. He feels disappointed on himself saying he made his parents angry so it’s his responsibility to rectify his mistake and she need not to put any effort for that and takes the broomstick from her.

She says it’s also her responsibility because this is her family too not just his family and she will do whatever she can do for this family’s happiness. Rani cries in front of the God and asks why he is testing her like this and asks him to show some path to her so she can save Raja. Asha hears her and says since yesterday she seems tensed and asks Gunwant did something again or anything happened to Raja. She tells her to not hide anything from her.

Rani thinks she can’t tell anything to her if she did then Mihir may hurt Raja. She asks did she trust her because Asha’s trust is her confidence. Asha says she trust her fully and she knows that she won’t let anything happen to Raja. Rani hugs her and apologize to her in her mind saying she is doing everything for Raja only. Mihir overhears their conversation and says Asha trust Rani so much but after tonight no one will trust her and he will make sure that happens.

Someone knocks Asha’s room door when she was sleeping and she comes out but no one is there. Mihir gets ready and says tonight going to be one of the beautiful night for him and his years of waiting going to end tonight. He says today he will fulfill all the promises he did to himself and will make Rani realize his feelings and tonight no one can separate her from him.

Asha thinks no one is here then who would have knocked the door. She notices Rani going outside and follows her wondering where she is going at midnight. Rani reaches the hotel room and Mihir drags her inside and hugs her from behind. She struggles to free her from him and tells him to leave her. He says he is Mihir Doshi and he can do anything so she should not try to go against him.

He says last time she slapped him so he removed Raja’s oxygen mask and shows that video to her. She cries and pleads him to not hurt Raja and she will do whatever he wants her to do. He says he wants to get her for sure but with her permission not forcefully and he called her here to tell about his love and nothing will happen to Raja, he will be discharged safely after his surgery but she has to leave from Raja’s life and become his wife.

 Asha knocks their room door. Rani shocks hearing Asha’s voice. She pleads him to understand that she just loves Raja not him. He gets angry and warns her to not take Raja’s name again in front of him.


Episode ends.