Jennifer Winget’s Maya Mehrotra is one of the most deadliest characters to ever grace Indian TV on screen. She is fierce, ruthless and the face of torture. There is nothing Maya can’t do and there is nothing you can do against Maya’s wishes. We are penning down few deadly scenes of Jennifer as Maya from season and also asking a question what could be more deadlier than this as Jennifer promised with season 2. 


Maya tortures Vandana: 

Maya was a control freak. She loved exercising and having control on everyone and everything related to her. Vandana was trying to search for some evidence to prove Ayaan innocent whom Maya had accused of molestation. But when Maya spots her hand in between the door she locks the door and makes it bleed. Later, she pretends as if it was Vandana’s fault only. 

Maya tried to kill Ayan:

Maya kills Ayyan when he tries to tell her truth to Arjun. She rammed her car on him multiple times. Later, she talk to the Ayan who was lying in his pool of blood conscious and in pain without any fear. 

Maya beats Samay:

Samay standing on the terrace on the verge of doing suicide calls Maya to tell him she loves him. Maya decides to call Samay in her old studio and beats him up with a bat citing its a perfect chance to fulfill her childhood hobby, cricket.

Maya kills her father

Maya had always hated her father because he had abused her as a child mentally and emotionally scarring her for life. When Janhvi falls weak, Maya kills her father on her wedding day by putting a syringe in his body which only has air that will spread in his body and stop his heartbeat.

Maya tortures and then tried to kill her mother:

Not once, but multiple times Maya had tried to kill Janhvi. Sometimes by drowning her in bathtub, sometimes by leaving live electric wires there in water. Maya is really all BEYHADH!

Maya tried to bury herself:

When Maya made Arjun see his end and was sure of him getting hanged, she took the radio with herself to a secluded place hearing the news about Arjun’s hanging, she dig her own grave and buried herself by shooting a sack full of sand tied to a tree. Her aim was to die with Arjun to meet him again after death. Let the guy live in peace after death Maya!

These are few to name. Maya in Beyhadh 1 was more dangerous than any villain a TV industry has ever seen. These scenes were really bone chilling. Jennifer’s acting skills just made it more alive. She promised a crazier, deadlier, stormy season 2 of ‘Beyhadh’ with Shivin Narang and Ashish Choudhry.

But, what can really be deadlier than Season 1 ‘Beyhadh’?
What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments and till then let’s get biizzzzziiiinnnn’!!!!!