Today we bring you the weekly review for your favourite Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai. This show has gone through many ups and downs. Finally, its showing the tracks the fans have been waiting for eagerly. Its time for Kaira Milan and Kaira Vivah. This week was all about celebrations.

This week started with the most awaited Kaira( Played by Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi) proposal. Where both went on one knee and proposed to each other. Everyone was elated and the family too celebrated with the couple.

Another iconic moment was when Kartik said i want to store your footprints with me forever. It was a cute and romantic gesture done by Kartik.

We see Kairav acting like Gabaar from Sholay and it was very cute. His innocence was clearly visible with his efforts to really be Gabaar. The filmy avataar of Kairav made him more cute.

We liked seeing a funny competitive side of Kaira when they wanted to convince Kairav to change the rings he selected for them. Old kaira who were full of nok-jhoks were seen to be back in that phase.

There was a moment where Kartik lifts Naira and Kairav both. It was a lovely family moments the trio shared. It was shortmoment but a very cute and adorable one.

The iconic Kaira engagement was mesmerizing with nice costumes and amqzing decortions. The arrangements with Kaira’s love and nok-jhoks really made track unforgettable.

As we have seen from day 1, Kartik is a dream boy who imagines all the great moments with naira and keeps on day dreaming about it. We were excited to see that phase of Kartik returning with he seeing dream that Naira is bringing tea for Kartik, wearing a yellow saree. This dream reminded us of the dream Kartik saw when he got ill and was staying in Singhania house ( ong before Kaira were actually a couple).

Now if we talk about scenes that were bit draggy and unnecessary, we have few scenes of Gayu and Samarth were Gayu is taking Vansh to meet his grandfather, that scene was unnecessary and was not required for the time being.

Few scenes where Vedika( Played by Pankhuri Awasthy) witnessed all the scenes of Kaira being lovey dovey was bit over the line.

On the other hand there were scenes where new twists was sensed. With Dadi worrying about Kaira, she has light a diya that shouldnt go off. This worries us that is there a separation in fate of Kaira again?!

With Akshat being bailed and Vedika staying in Goenka villa, we are ought to see some drama with Vedika not wanting a divorce and changing her thoughts, but will this confusion be permanent. Will akshat create a new plan to trouble Kaira and Vedika? Well answers to all these twists can be known with time.

For the current moment, we would say this week Yeh Rishta was filled with love and celebration. After a long time happiness could be seen in all characters and also in the fandom of Kaira.

We would rate this week of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai as a 5/5. As this track was needed for the show and even the viewers wanted to see this from a long time.

We hope and wish we get more such weeks of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai on our tv screens. Let us know your favourite scene from this excellent week!