Indian Television shows are spicy and entertaining for the Indian audiences. But we feel ITV needs to come up with more refine shows to make their place on global level!

Indian shows has the potential to deliver great content but ‘TRP’ factor stops them to come up with something new. Yes, that is the fact. ITV shows have restricted themselves to saas-bahu conspiracies and kitchen politics (which is favorite genre of Indian audiences) as they bring TRP for them. Few shows decided to come up with content but unfortunately they were forced to shut down there curtains because of less TRP in short span.

Now this is the reason Indian shows are lacking behind to do competition on global level. Chinese drama or Korean shows are more watch worthy in terms of substance. These dramas are finite series with rich content and story to tell. They worry less for the longevity and focus more on showcasing best plot.

This is the reason for Chinese or Korean dramas are now been promoted by web platform ‘NETFLIX’ and ‘AMAZON PRIME’.  Here we few more highlights why ITV need better concept to make a mark on a global level.

  1. Countries who are producing content drama are more in demand than ITV regressive shows like K-dramas which lasts only 16-20 episode or Chinese dramas who’s length never cross 25 episodes:

Well, this is the primary reason. ITV shows runs for 7 years to 10 years but core concept of the show is never shown. Kidnapping, uncountable marriage, celebration and memory loss can be shown on repeat for ages just for the longevity.  

  1. Content wise we are regressive and stuck in a loop of tracks. Actors change, show name changes but content remains same:

Undoubtedly,  ITV shows are old wine in new bottle and you can’t skip the fact.

  1. Third world countries Pakistan dramas are richer and tight in script with good performances:

Even, Netflix has given place to popular K- dramas and Chinese for the same reasons.

  1. The episodes of a season need to be restricted to few episodes only:

It’s a high time; the Indian Television should starting putting this clause as mandatory before launch of the any shows.  Because after quiet a time Indian shows don’t have story to deliver. And instead of unnecessary dragging they should end the show with a happy note in a limited time.

  1. . Need to provide small but remarkable stories with good performances

The Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish etc. dramas are far better than our ITV shows. And none will mind if ITV will follow their path. Their shows are much more focused, fresh, brief and entertaining.

ITV too needs to provide small but remarkable stories with good performances. Because in our shows side characters are given more preference than the main character and this takes away the essence of the story.



So these are few points that make ITV shows to compete globally.

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