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Sembatuthi is famous Zee Tamil show. This show has it’s separate fan base for the unique love story. Peoples loves the love story between Adhi and Parvathy. This show never failed to engage the audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier we saw that Akhila saved Parvathy from Inspector. Now it’s will be see that Rajeshwari will lock Mahesh inside the room.

In the previous episode we saw; Inspector asked Parvathy to take take a good decision. Whether she going to appologize or stand in court. Parvathy said to him that she ready to meet in court. Inspector mentioned her as Feminist. Inspector looked down on them. Akhila stopped Inspector from taking them to court. He questioned her who gave permission her to stop him. Akhila informed to him that both ladies were her family. He said to her that he understood from where did Parvathy got attitude. Alhika stood in her point that Parvathy never do wrong things. She won’t lie in any situation. Inspector mentioned her as’ Feminist’. Adhi came there with Technician. He recovered the deleted footages. Inspector got shocked to see the vulgar images of ladies in it. Inspector showed black and blue to them. MLA came there to save his son. Inspector beaten him too.

In Today’s episode we see; Inspector appologizes to Akhila for the Inconveniences. He says to her that first time he was wrong. He will never hesitate to appologize for his mistakes. He thank Adhi and sends them from there. Inspector shows black and blue to them. Rajeshwari lashes out at Mahesh for trying to do secret Marriage. Mahesh explains to her that her prestige and family name won’t give happiness to him. He loves Bhavani. He pleads with her to understand his feelings. Rajeshwari complaints that he is not ready to listen her words then why should she understand his feelings. Rajeshwari locks him inside the room. Mahesh pleads with her ro release him. Rajeshwari asks Rathnam to give food to him properly, but make sure that he is not stepping out of the room, till engagement. Nandini comes there and doubts seeing the henchmans in Raaji’s house. She greets her and enquires about the problem. She hesitates to reveal it to her. Nandini pretends like caring for her. Raaji blabbers to her everything in a flow. Mahesh pleads with her to release him. Nandini provokes Raaji against Mahesh. She praises her act. Akhila comes there out of the blue. Nandini hides from Akhila’s sight. Raaji fears that Mahesh will create some scene infront of Akhila. As she expected he makes sound. Akhila guesses that Raaji has house arrested Mahesh. Akhila advises to Raaji that she can’t able to make Mahesh accept this marriage forcefully! But she can able to change him through love. Akhila leaves from there. Nandini stops Raaji from releasing Mahesh. She gives an idea to her. Raaji informs to her that she is going to perform Mahesh’s engagement tomorrow.

What will happen now? Will Mahesh escapes from Rajeshwari custody? Will Adhi help him out?

What will happen next? How will Parvathy fulfill Akhila’s wish? What is Vanaja plotting next against Akhila? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tuned with our space for more updates.