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The episode starts with Saroj outside in hall worrier about Anjali’s words and sees Dhanraj there. She asks Dhanraj what he wants. Dhanraj asks her to speak what’s in her mind first and Saroj says about Anjali. She talks about her madness and Dhanraj says he was warning her from long but she never listen teddy. Dhanraj explained to him about Anjali threatening her and Dhanraj understand his point. He asks her to throw Anjali out of the house as

Anjali is lying beside Kanha but Kanha turns his face away. Anjali eats that he can rest for today as the next day she would come to him with full rights. Anjali gets ready the next morning and applies sindoor like a married woman and he ‘s ready. Kanha dreams of the spending romantic time with Sayuri. He promises to bring back Sayuri back home. Saroj recalls every one’s words and wonders how to escape the difficult situation. She says that she was never this scared before as she can fight enemies but not friends. She prays God to give her strength.

Sayuri wakes up the next morning and understands that Kanha was present there. She asks Kanha Why’s he doing all this despite her sending him away so many times and ignoring him. She asks him to move on as the rope he’s holding is one ended and she’s not in the other end. She pleads in her heart to move on with Anjali and never look back. Anjali is excited to meet Kanha as a new bride and believes that Kanha would lose his breathe seeing her and say he can’t stay away from her even for a second. She comes to Kanha’s room and greets him and Kanha gets shocked seeing her attire.

Kanha asks if she lost her mind and Anjali says its him who applied sindoor on her forehead. Anjali asks him to see his finger and he sees traces of sindoor on his hand. Anjali laughs while Kanha says it’s not possible and washes his hand. He asks her to wash off her sindoor too but Anjali smiles. Sayuri looks at Kanha’s favourite earring and recalls his personal attachment with the earring. She asks Rashmi to give it but she refuses. She herself decides to give it. Anjali forces herself on Kanha despite him asking her not to.

Precap : Kanha will forcefully drag Anjali and will try to throw her out of the house. Kanha will refuse to acknowledge the marriage when Anjali will confront him for accepting Sayuri. Nani will advise Sayuri to listen to it. Sayuri will be about to enter the house but stops when she hears Saroj announcing that Anjali will not leave the house.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 6th August 2022 Written Update: Anjali forcefully weds sleeping Kanha.