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Today the episode begins with Nilambari, Poongothai, Maruthu are going to see the Swetha’s corpse in the pastor’s hall. Nilambari removes the cloth and looks at Swetha’s face. After seeing Swetha’s face, Nilambari and Poongothai scream terribly.

Nilambari continues to moan and scream terribly. Poongothai consoles Nilambari. Maruthu cries after sees Swetha in this situation. Nilambari laments that I wasted your life and screams terribly. Muthurasan and his family reach the pastor’s hall. After sees the Swetha corpse. The family becomes speechless. Vennila screams. Muthurasan and His family stand quietly. Nilambari blames Muthurasan and Vennila. Vennila looks at Swetha and cries. Nilambari in a fit of rage. Nilambari lashes out at Vennila.

Nilambari accuses Muthurasan and Vennila by saying you cheated Swetha so that she dies. Nilambari keeps on lament. Inspector gives the letter to Nilambari saying the letter is in Swetha’s hand. Maruthu gets the letter from the Inspector. In that letter, She mentions that I will not alive, when you read this, I wanted. to marry you but I could not. Nilambari screams terribly. Maruthu continues to read the letter. In that letter, she mentions her last wish. Swetha’s last wish is to marry Muthurasan. After hears the last wish the family becomes speechless.

Inspector asks Muthurasan permission to take Swetha’s corpse for autopsy. Nilambari refuses to take Swetha’s corpse to autopsy. Muthurasan reminds quietly. Nikambari pleads to Muthurasan. Muthurasan agrees. Muthurasan tells Inspector not to take her body to autopsy. Inspector agrees and leaves. According to Swetha’s last wish, Nilambari tells Muthurasan to tie the knot around Swetha’s neck. Muthurasan keeps quiet.

Muthurasan is sitting sadly in the home. Vennila comes near him, followed by family members arrive at Muthurasan’s room. Muthurasan keeps quiet. Karthik asks Muthurasan what you decided. Muthurasan reminds quietly. Kalai advises him not to tie the knot around Swetha’s neck. Karthik says the same to Muthurasan. Simbaran tells that Nilambari asks about Muthurasan’s opinion, she is waiting for his opinion. Muthurasan keeps quiet. Gowtham tells Muthurasan to answer.

Muthurasan asks Vennila’s opinion. Vennila keeps quiet. later, Muthurasan says I have decided, you have to agree with me. Everyone is eagerly waiting for Muthurasan’s reply. Muthurasan informs that I won’t tie the knot around Swetha’s neck. The family is happy with Muthurasan’s decision. Muthurasan and his family come down. Nilambari stands with thali in her hand. Nilambari urges Muthurasan to tie the knot around Swetha’s neck. Muthurasan stands quietly.

Nilambari blames Vennila. Nilambari curses Vennila that you won’t live happily. Vennila gets scared and asks Muthurasan to tie the knot around Swetha’s neck. Muthurasan refuses. Vennila pleads to Muthurasan. Muthurasan agrees to tie the thali around Swetha’s neck. Muthurasan comes near Swetha’s corpse and ties the thali around Swetha’s neck. Vennila cries. Later, he puts the bindi on her forehead, then he puts flowers on her head.

with this, the episode ends.