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Episode begins with Rakesh gets shocked seeing Nalini alive. He recalls that how he saw Nalini with Preesha and hired truck driver to kill Nalini saying that it should looks like an accident. He asks Nalini that how it happened. Preesha tells him that she lied about Nalini’s death to catch him red-handed. She adds that now she is sure that it’s him who killed Dev. He asks her that if she is mad. He adds that why he will kill his own son. She says that police found fingerprints in Dev’s neck so they can find out that Nalini is the killer or Rakesh. She shows the button and says that it was found in Dev’s hand and Nalini was wearing that jacket.

Nalini tells Preesha that Rakesh killed Dev. Rakesh asks her to stay silent. She tells him that he tried to kill her so she will expose him. She tells Preesha that two months back Dev saw them and clicked their pictures. Dev confronts Rakesh and shows the pictures to him. He tells him that he is going to show these pictures to Revati. Rakesh asks him to not show it to Revati. Dev demands one lakh from him to stay silent. He threatens to leak the pictures to media. Rakesh gets shocked and gives money to him.

Nalini tells Preesha that Dev continuesly blackmailed Rakesh. Preesha asks that how can Rakesh kill Dev. Nalini tells her that Dev crossed his limit. She says that Dev misbehaved with her so slapped him. He twists her hand. Rakesh slaps Dev and scolds him. Dev says that he will tell the truth to everyone. Nalini tells Preesha that Rakesh tried to convince Dev but no use. And Rakesh visited Dev in the hospital. He asks him to understand that elections coming and all his hardwork will be wasted. He promises to stop meeting Nalini. Dev tells him that he won’t change his decision. He adds that he will tell everything to Revati today at school. Rakesh tells him that he will stop him. Dev tells him that only death can stop him.

Rakesh notices Dev sneaking out of the hospital and follows him. Rakesh says that he found Dev back side school. Dev asks him to save him or else he will tell the truth to Revati. Rakesh strangles him saying that now Dev can’t tell the truth to Revati. He confesses that he killed Dev.

Preesha says that she recorded Rakesh’s confession and now she has enough proofs against him. She adds that he should end up in jail. He points gun at her saying that he won’t leave Nalini too. He adds that Revati trust him blindly. He asks her to give the recorder to him but she refuses. Revati points gun at him and snatches the gun from him. She tells him that he will be punished. She adds that she is arresting him for killing Dev.

Episode ends.

Precap – Revati apologizes to Rudraksh and Preesha. Later, Ruhi tells her parents that they should marry again because she could not see it last time. Revati commits suicide.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th May 2022 Written Update: Preesha confronts Rakesh