Star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is keeping the audience engrossed with the current track.In the upcoming episode,Mehul will tell Meenakshi that hope she realized she was wrong.He gets Abir’s call and will tell him he came to see the doctor.Misti who was hiding in the next room will wonder why Meenakshi looks disturbed and why did Mehul lie.She recollect that he lied to Abir before and also pretended to be sick.

She will hear an employee explaining to Atul how they have all passenger details from airline database and Meenakshi has access to it from her laptop.Mishti will see Meenakshi going away with Kaushal and thinks to sneak in to her cabin.

She will check the dates of his arrival and departure in the airline database and finds that He reached Mumbai only a day before Abir and Mishti.Also he came from Rajkot to Mumbai but told them he want to go to Rajkot.She will be shocked to see he was in Rajkot on the days when her engagement with Kunal got cancelled,On kunal Kuhu engagement and wedding.She will think is it possible he kept an eye on his family all these years and if so why has he not contacted Abir before.

Hearing Meenakshi outside the door Mishti will quickly close laptop and sits on the couch.Meenakshi gets shocked seeing Mishti.Mishti will say she came to tell her that she loves Abir s lot and will take good care of him.She promise Meenakshi she will never let anything hurt him.

Meenakshi instruct Parul to go Maheswari house with Ketki and Vidhi to prepare for Abir engagement.She will say she is ready to accept Mishti if that brings Abir happiness.She will tell Lakshman to get the property papers ready in Mehul name.

Abir will search for Mehul medical report in his room to send to a heart surgeon in Mumbai.Mehul will come there and Abir will tell him to give his reports.Mehul will try to manipulate Abir not to leave the house but Abir will be firm.Mehul will think Mishti will be the only person to convince him else his plan will fail.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep watching the show to know more.