In the upcoming episode of Star Plus one of the most popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke,Parul will come to Meenakshi room at midnight to wish her a happy birthday.Meenakshi will be upset that Abir has forgotten her birthday and has gone away from her.Parul will defend Abir and remind her that her one more son Kunal didn’t forget.Jugnu will tell Meenakshi that Kaushal fell down.Kaushal will pretend to have current shock.When the lights go off Mishti and Abir will arrive.The entire family will get happy.

Mishti will bring a cake and during the cake cutting,Mishti will panic hearing  confetti blast and run to her room.Abir will give excuse for her and follows her without eating cake from Meenakshi’s hand.Kuhu will call Mishti a self obsessed person. Abir will calm Mishti in their room when police arrive looking for her.Mishti will panic again.Abir will try to talk to police but Meenakshi will insist on knowing what’s wrong.

Kuhu will bring Mishti down and Abir scolds Kuhu.Mishti is about to confess nervously to police when they will handover her wallet.Mishti and Abir will be relieved. Later Kuhu will complain about Mishti to Jasmeet who inturn instigate Kuhu against Mishti.

The next day,Meenakshi will make breakfast for Abir.Abir will lie that Mishti is sleeping.Ketki will tell Abir that she has something important to tell him and Mishti.Before Meenakshi could feed Abir breakfast,Jugnu will tell Abir that Mishti is looking for him.Abir will rush to her.Mishti will panic seeing red color water in wash basin.Abir will calm her down saying its nothing g but sindoor.Mishti will slowly calm down.

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