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Episode begins with Roshni said that I called these three prince of black magic world to participate in this swayamvar. While the housemates are shocked to know about this decision of Roshni and Salma scolds Roshni for doing this and says you are married to Aman already and now you should not do this at all. Roshni says he was my husband but now I left him.

Aman says I want to participate in this competition too but Roshni says you are late in giving your name and list has no name of yours and the list is already made and your name does not come in this. Aman thinks in his mind I can not lose you at any cost. Roshni gives all the three contestant a challenge for them. Aman says I haven’t got mine whereas I am also a part of this test. Roshni says your name was not in the list when I prepared for the test so there is no test decided for you so I will say better luck next time.

Aman gets humiliated and upset when his sisters come to him and asks if you don’t even get to participate in this then how will you win Roshni at first place? Aman decided to replace any contestant and takes his place. One of the contestants are going gaga over Natasha who is actually Rehaan but Aman decided encash on it and asks Rehaan to go and approach the guy but he denies but then he decided to go ahead and do it.

He tries to divert the attention of the participant and he announces to Roshni that he is withdrawing his name from the competition as he has got his bride finally. Roshni gets angry but doesn’t say anything. Aman takes part in the competition to his place. Roshni is not much happy to see Aman around. Rehaan informs Natasha that to exchange their bodies, they need to hug each other and the jinn listened to their conversation from far and decided to teach Rehaan a lesson for always sticking to his love Natasha without any reason.

Roshni comes out and makes a moon at the sky and says the one who can bring a piece of the moon will be my husband. The magician mocks Aman and asks him to back out as he is trying to get the moon for himself and also confuses Aman with his magic and Roshni encourages it. She says to him I am extremely impressed with the way you used your magic powers and asks Aman to back out and go back to the house without harming his self respect and self-esteem.

Aman thinks how he will do it now? He is not able to identify the real moon also. Armaan helps his father our in this situation and made it easy for him to identify the real one bhi giving him a bubble of snow. Roshni gets angry but she keeps quiet. Aman gets confident again and he decides to fight for his love and wins back Roshni.

Precap – Aman brings a piece of moon but the magician does change it in a pumpkin. Aman says I did right, it’s the conspiracy of the other contestant to apply his magic on my achievements.