In  the upcoming episode viewers will watch Roshni called from a telephone booth to Tabeezi as her life is in danger. Tabeezi tells her to Aman who immediately leaves house to save her. Meanwhile, Tabeezi prepares a powder to manage Jehrilas away.  Aman reaches the place and saves Roshni. HeRead More →

In upcoming episode Roshni will donate one kidney to Parveen to save her life. Aman shows gratitude towards donor ignorant about the fact that the donor is Roshni.  Meanwhile, Kabir as cat steals his heart from Tabeezi and given to Jehral which makes him Jehral and more dangerous than before.Read More →

In upcoming episode Kabir attacks Aman and Roshni when they are leaving after Aman saving Roshni’s dignity. He entered into one the boys and attacks Aman. Finally, his poisoned nails enters into Aman’s back who is trying to save Roshni.  Roshni trying to save Aman but his wound is notRead More →

In upcoming episode Aman saves Roshni who locks herself inside a bathroom to save herself from Mallika’s brother. Aman beats him but didn’t show to Roshni. Roshni thinks Imran saves her. Aman breaks the deal with Mallika. Roshni comes home and Salma asks her about working with Aman. She agrees.Read More →

In upcoming episode Aman gets late reaching to hospital for Parveen because of Roshni. She was celebrating her bakery opening in middle of road and Aman got stuck into it. Parveen gets shifted to ICU and Aman can not see her.  Angry Aman blames Roshni for getting late and comesRead More →

In the upcoming episode viewers will witness how Aman and Roshni are dealing with their grief. While Roshni is grief stricken but trying to put a smile for her ailing mother. She is to compromise for even necessaries and struggling with poverty. Aman makes himself busy with girls. He hasRead More →

In upcoming episode Aman will seen asking Roshni that she left his mother when he told her not to. Roshni says she wanted money to rescue her mother but Aman misunderstands her. Later, he will get a call from hospital that Parveen has slipped in coma and maybe she’ll neverRead More →

In the upcoming episode the viewers will witness Roshni teaming up with Farah, Chotu and Bazigar to reveal the real truth of Aaliya that she is Haiwana to Aman. She with a plan calls Aaliya snake Zeher outside and Bazigar traps him in his claws. Aaliya runs behind Baazigar andRead More →

In the upcoming episode Aaliya plays tricks again with Aman. When Aman asks her why she betrays him and why she tries to separate Roshan. Aaliya says because her son’s life is in danger that is why she lies because she doesn’t know how they will react. Also she lovesRead More →