Gone are the days when saas-bahu sagas used to top the TRP charts. With the change of time the audiences today have shifted their tastes from melodramas and usual conspiracies because with the modernization into consideration the masses today accept the entertainment with the message which is for betterment of the society.

SHAKTI AISTITAV KE EHASAS KI’ the current ongoing on Colors TV, that purely falls into the out of the box concept has gained large number of responses from the audience and as a result it always pop-up every week as a slot leader on the TRP chart.


10 reasons why SHAKTI is successful

  • 1) Unusual Plot:- Shakti has hooked the audiences to their seat from the last 2.5 years with the rare bold content that revolves around the life of a Trans-gender (Saumya) and how every time she deals with her tough time.


  • 2) Perfect Outline: – With the strong motive- each person on this earth has equal rights and it shouldn’t be discriminated with the Transgender too, SHAKTI has really stepped forward to bring the huge change in the society and through their series raised a voice for their equality.


  • 3) Set Love Free: – Love is not limited between man and woman, even transgender have equal rights to be loved and beloved, which is shown in Shakti through the pure bond of HARMAN and SAUMYA


  • 4) Be Fearless: – Shakti strongly focus on the fact through Saumya- that if you’re a right and true person you don’t have to fear about anything not even about your identity.

  • 5) Emotional Connection – Every relation shown in Shakti is very apt. From Father to Son, one can easily connect with the characters.


  • 6) Soul Connection: – Never in any show before has shown such a strong soul bond like the way it is portrayed in the case of Harman and Saumya. People enjoy watching their bonding as how one feels the pain of other without uttering a word.


  • 7) Never Ending Frustration: –Throughout the episode sometimes it is quiet frustrating to see the bad ones not getting punished or caught, with that frustration people keep watching the show hoping that how villain will be exposed and will he/she will get punished. In Shakti too all are waiting for villains to get a worth punishment as the list of villains is long.

  • 8) Takes Curiosity To The Next Level: People are always curious to know-how Harman and Saumya is surpassing every test and finding their way to be together as they have complicated love story.


  • 9) Harman’s Strong Attitude: – A character like never before. Inspite of knowing Saumya being a trans-gender the way Harman still got adamant to give her all the rights of wife without fearing about any the consequences this made every female fan to dream of Harman as husband in a real life too.


  • 10) Harman Saumya Chemistry: – Last but not the least the way Harman Saumya perk up the screens daily with their simple yet breathtaking romance makes everyone to lose their heart to them.

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