Today’s episode starts with Saumya crying seeing Heer. Saumya says she is glad she remembers her words. Harak comes and informs Preeto about Heer. Rohan and Soham hug Heer. Saumya ask Rohan and Soham how they left Heer. Soham tell to Saumya what all happened at the market. Saumya asksRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Vedant. He fires the bullet at Saumya and Harman take it on him. Saumya screams Harman’s name. Vedant shots Harman again. Saumya panics. Harman snatches gun from Vedant’s hand and waste the bullets. He puts Vedant on gunpoint.  Harman beats Vedant and reaches to the endRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Harman stuck at the road. He runs without the car to reach Saumya. Mallika and Mr. Bansal too search for Saumya and Vedant. Vedant and Saumya marriage starts. Chameli reaches the same temple and sees Vedant’s goons. She calls Harman and informs him about the location.Read More →

Today’s episode opens with Vedant. He puts Mr. Bansal on gun point and says he will marry today itself. Mr. Bansal stands shocked. Rohan comes, Vedant ask Bansal to hold Rohan. Vedant drags Saumya. Saumya ask Vedant to leave her hand. Mr. Bansal says Saumya never loved him and ifRead More →

Gone were the days when saas-bahu shows make TRP charts. Indian TV is above over-feminism and in current times character matters the most.  With fresh stories, characters are diversified and more connectable. When everything around changing, the male characters are now having more say in stories. They are strong, handsome,Read More →

Colors TV Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, will soon witness Harman and Saumya’s separation with Saumya leaving Harman’s house forever. View this post on Instagram Jaanne ke liye dekhiye #Shakti aaj raat 8 baje. Anytime on @voot . A post shared by Colors TV (@colorstv) on May 21, 2019 atRead More →

Colorstv Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is witnessing some happy and awdorable moments between Harman and Saumya. In colorstv popular daily soap Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki happy days are back in the life of Harman and Saumya with Soham returning back to their life. The duo celebrated his homecomingRead More →