Kundali Bhagya is always on top 5 in the TRP list. Reason behind getting such TRP’s is the chemistry between leads Preeta and Karan played by Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar respectively. The story line was gripping when it started but then because of inclusion of more villains and other characters story goes haywire. 

Though makers have been consistent in keeping the leads together in some or the other way but it’s high time that they should show Karan Luthra realising his mistakes and making tough calls for his lady love. Let’s check out what all things Karan should do to make everything right on track.

Should trust and free Preeta from cell:

Karan should immediately work in tandem with his family and friends who are well wishers of Preeta to bring her out of cell clean chit. Although, there are speculations on what he will do once he will see doctored video but he need to have full trust on her despite of having strong evidences against her. 

Apologize to Preeta and her family:

The time has come when Karan should realize his mistake and and apologize to Preeta for the way he ill treated her after their wedding. He should apologize for leaving her in middle of the road. He should regret and apologize to Preeta’s family as well and seek for their forgiveness.   

Confess his love to Preeta:

Karan knows he loves Preeta because he was ready to propose her few months back. He started hating her after misunderstanding. However, he never stop caring for her and feeling pain when not with her. So, he should confess his love to Preeta and tell her that she was always in his thoughts. 

P.S: Valentine Day is coming. (If this missed, it will be three years without their confession.)

Should start investigating again:

Before everything goes haywire, Karan was investigating about Sherlyn with Preeta and about Prithvi with Shrishti. Karan need to restart his investigation again for these two which make storyline move further. This not only bring interesting twists and turns but screen space will again again shift to positive characters of the show. 

Should bring Preeta to Luthra house:

Time has arrived when Preeta should be in Luthra house and only Karan can make it happen. He should bring Preeta to his home to save her from danger on her life. 

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