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The episode starts with Utkarsh apologizing to Satvik for not supporting him. He hates Rajnandini more than him, but he is helpless until he finds Ritima. Satvik understands his situation. Later, Jeevika asks Rajnandini if she is behind the attack on Satvik. Rajnandini smiles at her. Jeevika tells her that she found the answer. She shouldn’t have tried to attack Satvik. She won’t forgive her for it? She stabs her with a fake knife. Rajnandini collapsed on the floor. Narayanan asked her if she was alright? Rajnandini asks him how she will be alright after she gets stabbed. Jeevika pretends to ask her what happened to her? Satvik asks her if she tried to say Jeevika stabbed her. Narayanan asks her to take a break from office work. Satvik asks Narayanan to take her to the psychiatrist. He nodded to her. Satvik asks Utkarsh if he feels happy to see her? He shares his happiness with him. Meanwhile, Jeevika stabs her with a fake knife. She says that she fainted when she used a fake knife. How much pain did Satvik have when she stabbed him? Nandini says that she is doing too much. Jeevika says that it’s nothing in front of whatever she did to this family. It’s just the beginning. She leaves. Rajnandini says that she can’t end her life easily.

Satvik pretends to be scared of Jeevika. Jeevika tells him that it was his idea to push Rajnandini off the stairs. He says that the fake knife idea was hers. She says that she can’t bear it when she hurt her husband. She teases him and leaves. Later, Rajnandini says to Narayanan that she wants to discuss with him about Juhi’s wedding. Narayanan says that he didn’t notice that she was grown up now. He tells her that he will find a groom for her. Rajnandini says that she found a guy for her. She is talking about Shlok. She is aware Juhi is not a traditional girl but she will change herself after the wedding. Narayanan agrees to it. Shlok says that he isn’t interested. Juhi is not his type. Narayanan scolds him. Shlok says that he doesn’t want Satvik to marry Juhi like Narayan’s wish. Narayanan scolds him. Rajnandini apologised to him. Satvik says that Juhi isn’t perfect for Shlok. He is loving someone else. He says that Shlok loves Swara. Jeevika is shocked. Satvik says that if he can fix his wedding with the elder daughter-in-law’s sister, then why he don’t his second daughter-in-law’s sister. Narayanan says that he has no problem if Shlok is happy.

Rajnandini is frustrated. Jeevika teases her. She says that she may have planned it all to unite Shlok with Swara. Jeevika says to her if she doesn’t allow this wedding to take place, then she will expose her. Tomorrow will be the last day for her in this house. Later, Satvik discusses babies with Jeevika. He teases her. He says that he won’t forget his dream. Later, Jeevika gives a coffee to Rajnandini. She asks her to drink it. It’s for her to leave the house. She says to her that no one is going to stop her from leaving the house. They will kick her out. She says that she can’t sleep without revealing the truth to her. She has a back-up plan. She has evidence against her. She is going to reveal it to everyone. Her truth is going to come out. Rajnandini gets frustrated.

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