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Today’s episode starts with Vanraj telling with Anupama that Uncle worsen his health by eating sweet and stopped Hasmuk and Leela too with him. Anupama says they will return back home soon. She adds it is good they too going back home timely as they will reach before children sleep. Vanraj asks Anupama to keep talking else he is feeling sleepy. Anupama asks Vanraj to let her drive, if he is feeling sleepy. Vanraj says to Anupama that she might be tired too thus her talk is enough to keep him awake. Anupama says she is not getting what to speak. Vanraj says earlier when he used to ask her to keep quiet, she used to give lecture. Anupama speaks continuously. Vanraj laughs. There, Paritosh meet Kinjal. He thanks Kinjal for planning a date. Paritosh says to Kinjal if house is empty than they can romance out there. Kinjal refuses and says to Paritosh she wants hang out to some other place other than house. Paritosh agree. Other side, Nandini share with Samar, when her break up happened she never thought she will fall in love again. She tell to Samar that she fear heart break. Samar tell to Nandini he never fallen in love nor he experienced heart break but know relationship get strengthen with the change of time.

There, Kavya ask the stalker what he is doing in front of her flat. Stalker says he don’t like any other place apart from roaming in front of her flat. Kavya close the door and complaint to the security. She tries to call Vanraj but can’t reach him. Other side, Samar plans surprise for Nandini. Both dance on ‘mere rang mei rangane wali’ song. There, Vanraj asks Anupama to talk about children. Anupama says she remember her argument with Leela while keeping Samar’s name. She says Samar likes his name a lot. Vanraj says he keeps scolding Samar because he worry for him. Here, Samar propose Nandini. Nandini gets teary. Vanraj says he fear Samar don’t get distracted. Anupama think about Nandini and worry what will happen if Vanraj will come to know about Samar’s love interest.

Samar tries to get close to Nandini. Vanraj gets angry spotting Samar and Nandini together. Furious Vanraj asks Samar to break his relationship with Nandini as she is Kavya’s niece. Samar and Vanraj argue. Anupama takes a stand for Samar. Vanraj refuses to accept Nandini’s alliance with Samar. Anupama send Nandini back to her house. Nandini worry for Samar and cry. There, Anupama tries to make Vanraj instead of judging their children they should support them. Vanraj refuses to accept Nandini. Anupama accept Nandini. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Anupama vows to unite Nandini and Samar. Stalker threatens Kavya.