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Episode begins with Barkha says we were waiting from very long to give you this surprise, I realised I did wrong and I don’t want to come between you two. Barkha goes. Mana and Ishan hug each other. Ishan says now you can tell what is going in your heart. Mana says Barkha is much more mature than I thought. Here, Nick and Harsh come to tell Pallavi about how with great difficulty they convinced Badal to take over the cafe. They all congratulate Badal. Suddenly Barkha comes and says I thought I loved Ishan and we wanted to marry each other but that would have been unfair to Ishan. Just then Ishan and Mana come and say we love each other. Nick says if you can say this infront of all then you can say this infront of me. Nick starts to behave like a protective dad. Pallavi tries to calm him but he asks Pallavi to stay back. Ishan says I really love and care for Mana. They all get happy. Badal says my sister is high maintenance so beware. Ishan says I will learn that. Nick asks them to focus on career and soon they will be married. Ishan and Mana thank Barkha.

Pallavi praises Barkha and how she used her love in constructive way. The kids ask Pallavi about her secret either about dad or them. Pallavi gets shy and blushes. Pallavi takes Nick away. Nick asks Pallavi if you tried to find me on internet. Pallavi says when we separated I hated you also I wished things to get better. Nick says I hurt you so much, I am sorry, now let’s think about our kids, I am with you, let’s start a new life. They hug each other. They remember past good moments. They get emotional when Nick wipes her tears. Nick says I wiped your tears so that your kajal doesn’t get messed up. They both laugh. Here, the kids discuss and worry if Pallavi and Nick will fight again. Gagan and Barkha say how today Pallavi and Nick did court marriage and Pallavi remembers this day as last year she was so angry and upset. They tell them how they asked Pallavi about anniversary date when Pallavi got very angry and the kids hid in their room. Mana says I hope Nick and Pallavi are enjoying the time.

Nick jokes to Pallavi about the model Natasha. They come out and the kids ask what’s the matter? Nick says you mom is just stretching the matter. Pallavi says who ever wants to go home with dad, they will see my different side. Mana and Harsh split with Pallavi while others go with Nick. The kids try to calm down Nick while Nick says Pallavi got upset due to Natasha who is a celebrity and she just stretched the matter, I am also upset with Harsh and Mana. Here, Mana and Harsh come to Pallavi and try to calm Pallavi. Pallavi says I told Nick what I went through and Nick was talking about Natasha. Harsh says Natasha is so beautiful and stylish. Mana handles the situation saying it’s almost 12 let’s end it. Here, Nick comes out and the kids laugh on his dressing sense. Nick says my clothes are there and I don’t want to go there, today is our anniversary and Pallavi started this, I was not rude to a celebrity what’s the big deal. Gagan says we are the same. Nick says you both are like Pallavi, you will also stretch things I know. Barkha says let’s end things, as 12 is about to strike. They all get messages.

Kids send Pallavi and Nick to dinning room. There they start fighting on Natasha topic again. Suddenly they see the time and talk about how they met for first time. They laugh remembering their first date and how they managed to make everything special. Pallavi shows an old note where they wrote something on it. Pallavi says the rickshaw I took today he gave me this see the coincidence. 12 strikes and they wish anniversary to each other. They hug each other. Kids come and get happy seeing them. Nick and Pallavi ask them to always stay together like this. They all hug each other.

Show ends.

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Appnapan 17th November 2022 Written Update: Barkha clears the differences between Manna and Ishaan