AnuPre aka Anurag and Prerna of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2  is the one of most loving duo of ITV, who loves each other unconditionally. Since day one of the show audience loves to watch their chemistry, cute and romantic moments, and shower their love.  Let’s check out few romantic moments between this onscreen couple.

AnuPre Atta Romance in Kitchen:

A very cute and romantic moment were created by makers when Prerna trying to bring down the flour container and some of flour fell on her. Anurag sees Prerna and started laughing. In reaction Prerna throw some flour on Anurag angrily. Later, they end up throwing flour on each other. This cutely romantic scene is very delightful to watch every time, whenever it is shown.

AnuPre Rain Romance:

When Anurag sees Prerna singing song in rain, he was totally mesmerized. Later Anurag also joins Prerna and started enjoying in rain, and they share cute and romantic moments together. From there they start develop feelings for each other. It’s was blissful to watch them.

AnuPre Love Confession

The moment that we were all waiting for came when Anurag and Prerna let go of their inhibitions and confessed their love for each other. When Prerna said, “Tum… Tumhaari Kahi Baatein… Mere Dil Pe Bahut Asar Karti Hain. Tum Jo Kehte Ho, Tum Jo Chahte Ho, Mere Dil Ko Bahut Accha Lagta Hai.” After that Anurag and Prerna get married in the temple, Bollywood-style, with Anurag promising her that no one can keep them apart any longer.

Anurag’s Heart Melting Confession:

During a Navratri Anurag recalls memories of previous Navratri with Prerna, when they first time met with each other. He confesses that he still love her so much and can never think to live without her, but Prerna struggles hard to hide her feelings because of Mr. Bajaj. This emotionally romantic scene brought tears in viewer’s eyes.

So these are the some of best romantic moments of Anurag and Prerna in our choice, comment and tell us your favorite moment of #AnuPre and stay connected with us for more entertaining articles. Let’s get Buzzing…!!!