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The episode starts with Bharathi reminds the way Hema hugs Kannamma and shares an good bond with her. Bharathi thinks that Hema is more happy with Kannamma then him. She looks so energetic there. He doubts what’s in that house why is Hema so happy there. May she is happy by her heart but there is no AC in that house. He thinks Hema will suffer there without AC. He thinks he don’t need this AC when his baby is suffering there. Soundarya comes there and questions him Is he need milk? He deny it. Soundarya questions him why did he turned off the AC. He says nothing. She complaints that he will never stay without AC in rainy season also.

Bharathi tells her that Hema is suffering there without AC she may don’t get sleep in that hot. Soundarya tells him he mentioned about it two days before and snatched the AC remote from them and be returned it by himself. She questions him Is he wanna learn the pain of accident person will he try commit accident? Bharathi tells her Hema is his daughter not the third person. Soundarya visits Kannamma’s house. Hema gets happy to see her there. She enquires her what’s she doing? She informs to her that she is learning Thirukural. Soundarya asks her to wait inside the car. Hema leaves from there.

Soundarya’s driver bring AC there and questions her where to fix it? Soundarya shows the room to them. Kannamma stops them and questions Soundarya doesn’t refused to accept it last time then why did she bring it again? Soundarya tells her that she know Kannamma will only deny it. Kannamma says to her no one needs AC here. Hema is also happy here why don’t she ask to Hema. Soundarya informs to her she is inside the car.

Kannamma questions her Is she gonna take her from here? Soundarya tells her she won’t go with her but she went to sit inside the car to feel the AC reasoning she is not habituate of living without AC. She says to her that she is adjusting everything to stay with Kannamma. Kannamma refuses to accept. Soundarya tells her that she refuses to accept the AC when Bharathi brought it because she has self respect. Soundarya informs to her she brought it why don’t she accept it.

Kannamma says to her that she don’t need anyone favour that’s why she is not accepting anything. Soundarya says to her that Lakshmi is her grand daughter and Kannamma is her daughter in law. Doesn’t she has rights to buy anything for them. She didn’t buy it for Hema but for Lakshmi. Kannamma says to her she will do everything for her according to her finance status. Soundarya lashes out at her.

Kannamma tells her that Bharathi will badmouth at her if he come to know about it all. Soundarya asks her to consider Bharathi’s change now. He even send Hema to her. Kannamma tells her she is suffering this much today because of Bharathi. Is he changed his thought about her. He is still thinking that she is characterless. Soundarya says to her Bharathi changed little. He snatched the AC remote to made everyone understand Hema’s pain.

Soundarya asks the technician to fix the AC. Kannamma argues with Soundarya. Both are discussing about Bharathi. Anjali feels emotional seeing Akhil’s photo. She wishes to write an letter for Akhil. She thinks Akhil will read it later. Anjali starts write the letter pouring her heart out in it. She writes about his baby and shares her dream and happiness in it. She shares her emotions in it. Anjali starts crying after write it. Akhil comes there and reminds about Anjali’s word and leave from there. Anjali stops him and requests him to talk with her. She apologies to him for talking nonsense to him.

Akhil scolds her for talking without thinking. Akhil lashes out at her. He shares his pain to her. Kannamma questions Hema what’s she doing? Hema says to her she is drawing. Kannamma questions her doesn’t she used to play video games in home? She informs to her that dad won’t allow her to do it. Hema shares to Kannamma how much she love her dad.

Episode ends.