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Girls put haldi on Angad, he and Kalindi stare each other reminiscing their moments. Angad tells the girls to put more haldi, he is feeling good, Kalindi looks hurt and goes away.

Kalindi talks to Madan, she is coming here daily as promised till he gets cured, she shared many things to him and talked a lot. Its Angad marriage in 2 days and she doesn’t trust herself 2 minutes to hide her love for Angad, she is staying far from Angad because he will understand seeing her eyes. After Angad’s marriage, she will go away from here and start new life in new city.

Paridhi is celebrating bacheloratte and new year party, she drinks and says after marriage she will get tired calling haanji and all, she will enjoy this night fully. Sakshi asks if she will become pativrata patni and cut the relationship with Sid. Pari says okay but when Sid comes, she goes and hugs him. Outside bar, brahmarakshas kills a couple, police come and stops party sending people away from bar. Pari goes home with Sid.

Police see the blood marks on dead bodies and realize brahmarakshas is alive but when media asks about the case, police lie that criminal killed with so much anger, thats why injuries are brutal.

Kalindi dreams of brahmarakshas chasing her and wakes up in fear, she decides to go away from this place as she feels its the reason for dreams. She tries to wake up Minty, but Minty tells her to go to Delhi, she will join after 2 days as she wants to eat food in Pari’s marriage. Kalindi says okay and goes out with luggage, she meets Angad on the way, Angad asks where is she going, if she can’t see his marriage. Police calls Kalindi and says brahmarakshas is alive and tells her to be careful, Kalindi gets shocked and Angad says they will be alert. Kalindi says brahmarakshas will first attack Madan, so they will have to go and save Madan ji.

Sid drops Pari home and they romance near wall, Damini sees Pari and thinks Angad is kissing Pari. Damini goes and Shalini comes and sees Sid, Pari. Then Sid leaves and Pari goes to her room, Shalini thinks its good Angad didn’t see this.

Kalindi goes to hospital and sees Madan normal, he says he is out of Coma. Kalindi feels happy and tells him about brahmarakshas, Madan says brahmarakshas will die only if heart is broken into 2 pieces. Kalindi asks how does he know this, Madan says he was researching about brahmarakshas from childhood after his father was killed.

Pari asks Minty where is her sister, Minty says she went to Delhi, why she doesn’t trust, is it because Angad is also not home. Angad and Kalindi bring Madan home in wheelchair. Shalini asks why they brought Madan here, that day he created drama with basam. Kalindi tells Angad to use his charm and convince Shalini to allow Madan. Angad says Madan was the one who informed about Vardhan being brahmarakshas and convinces Shalini. Madan tells Kalindi that Angad is really charming and what all she told in Coma about Angad are true. She asks how does he remember what she told when he was in Coma, Madan laughs and says its unique coma. Damini thinks if Angad was out of home night, then who was Pari romancing with.

Prithvi asks Kalindi why she left home and does emotional drama, Kalindi says she was going to call him first after reaching Delhi. He says he will manage everything but what about signatures, he can repay her father loans but she wanted to do it. Kalindi says brahmarakshas is alive, but she promises to kill him. Prithvi gets shocked and goes to his room and calls Shalini, Balan comes there, he was driver who brought Kalindi to tantrik 16 years back. Balan says brahmarakshas is alive, Prithvi says he knows it. Balan says he heard Gehna died.

Shalini goes to Guru maa and says last time brahmarakshas came in form of Vardhan, now how will they identify him. Guru maa gives a coconut, if it turns black, it means brahmarakshas is there. Guru maa tells her to be alert on who is coming to their home and why.

Kalindi shows the house to Madan, Robin and Angad see them, Robin says they are looking so cute together, Angad gets jealous.

Police go to hospital to see Madan and learns that he is discharged. Later a nurse tells she saw Madan going out twice last week, its strange as coma people can’t move from their place.

Kalindi asks Madan why is brahmarakshas alive when she attacked him with mata rani kadak, Madan says its simple, brahmarakshas eats the heart of every girl he kills, lifw depends on heart, he puts Kalindi’s hand on his heart and tells its his mistake, he was in Coma and he didn’t tell Angad about piercing in heart. Angad sees them and says he is also important person in the story, he is hero and he should know everything.

Damini tells Shakti to get checked if Angad and Pari kundalis match. Angad asks if marriage will cancel if kundalis don’t match. Damini says yes, Angad says pandit is in their home and goes to Madan. Madan says he doesn’t need kundalis, they will live happy after marriage.


Brahmarakshas 2 2nd January 2021 Written Update: Kalindi sacrifices her love