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The episode starts with Sarab getting happy seeing Manav and asks where he had been all these days. Vikram says that he’s misunderstood and says that he’s not Manav. Sarab returns his wallet to him when Vikram says that it would be better if he surrenders the 2000 crore too just like the wallet. Sarab says that he may not be from Amritsar as everyone in Amritsar know what type of person he is. Meher calls out for Sarab and comes from back but Vikram moves away that Meher couldn’t see his face. He thinks that Sara’s face doesn’t show even slightest tension and wonders if he’s innocent or extremely talented. She urges Sarab to go as baby is hungry. They both are in car when Sarab says that they can visit her maternal house only for a little time as he has some work. Meher agrees and asks Lalitha to play the player. Sarabjit scam news gets announced and Meher gets shocked.

They both come to Kulwant’s House and Meher is angry at Sarab for hiding such a big thing from her. She says that whole place knows about her husband’s problem except her. Sarab says that he don’t want to spoil their important day and thus hided it from her. Meher asks him to promise to never hide anything from her. She says that she wants to share all his problem and Sarab agrees. He finds blood on floor and shows Meher. They calls out for everyone but only Yuvi is at home. Yuvi says that Kulwant is dead shocking Sarab and Meher. At hospital end, Rane is shouting for Doctor not available yet. Meher calls Paapi who asks her to rush to City hospital. Meher is in car and Sarab calls Harleen and informs her about the issue. Harleen gets shocked and consoles Meher. They all rush to City hospital.

Meher comes to hospital and hugs Paapi. She cries saying that Kulwant is no more. They gets shocked and says that she’s fine and it may be misunderstanding. They both realize that it’s a misunderstanding and sighs in relief. On the other hand Robbie updates about Kulwant’s death in his social media account. When Harleen asks the reason he says that it will help Sarabjit to gain sympathy and less rage for the scam and Harleen praises him. Meher enters Kulwant’s ward to find her murmuring Manav is back and gets shocked. She finds Sara’s phone ringing and picks the call.

Vikram asks for Sarab and she gets shocked hearing Manav’s voice. However once she realizes its Vikram she gives the phone to Sarabjit. They both taunt each other and Vikram asks Sarabjit about their meet at 4. Sarab says about his addressing at 4 and fixes the time as 11 a. M tomorrow for their meet. He cuts the call and says Meher about his arrogance. They hear Robbie crying sounds and rushes there. They clears the misunderstanding and Harleen lashes out at Meher. Sarab calms her and takes leave for addressing.