There is a saying in hindi “Jako Rakhe Saiyan Maar Sake Na Koi” means who are meant to be saved and lived by destiny can never be put in danger or death by someone else. These lines are currently suiting the scenario of Jhanvi Mittal urff Pooja Sharma of Star Plus popular evening show “Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna”.

In the last week episode of the show the threat on Jhanvi’s life was evident. Manohar the helper of PK Mittal abducted Ishani and was trying to blackmail Jhanvi with the threat of revealing her truth to everybody.  

But as we have seen in the last episode of the show Jhanvi turned the tables against Manohar and attacked him with a knife and snatched the gun from his hand.

On the other hand Kavya who saw Jhanvi leaving the home in a hurry informed Dhruv and PK about it and they were trying to find out the location of Jhanvi for coming to her rescue. In this week’s episode of the show the loyal fans of the show and the actors are surely in for a treat.

Jhanvi will be shot by Manohar and will brought to Mittal house where her treatment will be going on. On the other hand Kavya will try to investigate in the room of Manohar where she will find some really important document about Jhanvi without her knowledge. On the other hand, PK will do something extremely shocking and unexpected stuff to save Jhanvi from Manohar.

Kabir will be left shocked with the whole fiasco and decided to investigate the whole thing himself to find out the reason of the whole thing. Jhanvi on the other hand will be left unconscious and is under treatment.

For more such interesting update about your favourite show do watch this space.

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