As the latest episode of “Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna” starts, we see Pooja accusing Kabir for intentionally ruining her fashion show.

She additionally rebukes him for letting Dhruv escape when he kidnapped Pooja. Chopra smirks watching Kabir and Pooja fall in his set trap.


Pooja says that Kabir and his family does not mean anything to her. Kabir is stunned to hear Pooja’s words and stuck to the stage. Suman scolds Kabir for helping her. On the other hand, Pooja cries seeing her parent’s photoframe.


Next day Chopra calls in media saying Pooja wants to meet them. Chopra informs Pooja the same about the media.  Later,media begins interrogating Pooja regarding the seize  and Mittal family. Chanda sees the video of slapping Kabir and is pleased at her action.

Kabir continues kept  replaying the video where Ppoja slapped him. Sonali guides him to talk it out.

When Amma asks Pooja to go back to work after two days she expresses her wish to go to Mahakaleshwar Mandir in Ujjain to perform pooja for her parents.

Pooja asks driver to get ready. The driver speaks to sommeone informing the said person of Pooja’s leaving. He says he will stop the car as per their plan. Pooja gets into the car and leaves.  After a while, the driver informs Pooja that the road ahead is hindered and so they can’t move. He says they can go ahead taking another slope. Pooja inquires Amma if she should go and Amma says yes. Pooja visits the same temple reminiscing her childhood visiting it with her mother.

Now, in the upcoming episode we will see Pooja is startled to meet her supposedly dead mother. But, when an ambulance takes Pooja’s mother away, she smells something fishy.


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