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The episode starts with Surekha asking Savi what is the truth that Mukul is talking about. Surekha tries to go and ask Savi. Asmita stops Surekha and says nothing happened. Savi asks Asmita to tell the truth. Savi says Mukul has his eye on Anvi and says Mukul has molested Anvi from he was a child. Surekha asks Anvi if what Savi said is the truth. Anvi says no. Surekha hearing this asks Savi how dare she accuse Mukul like that. A plant falls on the ground from upstairs. The Bhosle family seeing this come to Surekha and asks Surekha what happened.

Surekha says to Bhosle family that Savi is accusing Mukul of molesting Anvi. The Bhosle famiky gets shocked hearing this. Surekha says due to Savi, Anvi is looking scared. Savi says Anvi is not scared due to her but due to Mukul. Savi says Mukul has been molesting Anvi from when she was 12 years old. Yashwant asks Savi to shut up and comments on her. Surekha asks Savi to shut up. Ishaan says to Savi that he already told her that he doesn’t want to speak about this topic. Surekha asks Ishaan if he already knew what is going on in Savi’s mind. Savi says she told the truth to Ishaan but he made her shut up. Ishaan reminds Savi that he talked to Anvi about this but she also denied about it. Savi still says Mukul has molested Anvi. Ashmita seeing all the argument going on takes Anvi away from there.

Mukul apologises to Bhosle family that it is his fault and says Anvi is like a daughter to him and if anyone misunderstands their relationship it is his fault. Mukul says something might have happened with Savi that’s why she is speaking like this. Savi says this topic is not about her but about him molesting Anvi.

Durva also comments on Savi saying looks like it is her job to accuse others with these kind of accusations. Durva reminds Savi that she got nearly Ayush restricated due to a joke and she also accused Kiran with the same thing.

Mukul says to Bhosle family that he can’t stay in this house anymore and he is about to take his leave. Surekha stops Mukul and says if anyone leaves this house it should be Savi. Surekha gives an ultimatum to Bhosle family that if Savi stays in this house today’s function will not happen and says she will leave with Mukul and Apsara. Ishaan tries to calm the situation and asks Savi to leave to her room. Savi doesn’t go inside her room. Yashwant says Savi will leave this house before the function. Everyone leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Savi asks Ishaan what will she do if she can prove that Mukul has molested Anvi. Savi asks Ishaan to give her a chance and says she can do it. Ishaan says if she is not able to do it then he will fall in his family eyes. Savi says she will prove it.

Apsara says to Mukul that she used her phone to record the Holi and says there might something in it that they can use against Mukul.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 29th March 2024 Written Update: Savi confronts Asmita and Anvi