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The episode starts with Anupriya grabbing Mata Rani’s trident saying that a mother will get punished in front of Mata Rani today, she will get the worst punishment so that no stepmother will love her stepchildren more than a real mother. She rises the trident to stab herself. Everyone is shocked.

However, Vansh puts his hand in front of Anupriya’s stomach before she could stab herself. Anupriya sees that he got hurt and asks why he forgave her when she was punishing herself. Vansh walks away followed by the rest of family.

Anupriya and Ridhima are left alone. Anupriya tells Ridhima that a girl who came just yesterday can’t make Vansh lose his trust on her and warns her to behave herself otherwise she won’t stay in the house for long.

Later, Ridhima comes in the room but Vansh asks her to leave him alone. Ridhima says that she will leave after doing his bandage only. Vansh yells at her and says that he will leave and she can stay here but, when he is about to walk away, Ridhima stops him. Vansh blames her for only knowing how to give pain and asks what about the inner wounds.

He refuses to get his bandage done but Ridhima stops him. They share an eye lock. Ridhima says that she is his wife so this is her right and duty. She says that she cares about his wounds and can feel them and adds that she knows she has hurt him but only dear ones can give such pain. She makes him sit.

On the other hand, Chanchal tells Aryan that now she can calmly select jewels to wear in evening and shares how worried she was but thankfully God saved them both. Aryan says that they should worry and not celebrate: Ridhima, who came yesterday, got to know Anupriya’s secret and even blackmailed her so they have to be careful from her. Chanchal says that Ridhima always stays glued to Anupriya and Vansh but the latter forgave Anupriya just because she is his mother so, if their secret is revealed, he won’t spare them. Aryan asks her to relax and warns that they have to be careful.

Meanwhile, Ridhima does bandage of the hand on Vansh’s hand. He keeps staring at her. Vansh says that dear ones trust each other, don’t give wound. Ridhima says that she trusts him but he gets up and questions her about why she keeps searching about Ragini then. She stays silent. He removes the bandage and says that her silence has given him all answers: no matter what he says or does, she won’t ever trust him. He wonders how many questions and secrets she hasn’t shared with him. He tells Ridhima that only when the broken trust between them will end, he will feel that they can begin their relationship. He walks away without letting Ridhima say anything.

Ridhima cries and wonders why every time she tries to make her place in Vansh’s heart, a gust of wind destroys everything. She wonders when their rift will end.

Vansh knows that there are many secrets hidden from him but he didn’t expect Anupriya’s first son truth to come out like this. He says that he just bluffed that Sejal is coming to meet him when Ridhima told him that she leaves in Dubai. He shares all this with Siya who tells him that she was shocked when she heard Ridhima talking to someone about Ragini. She recalls seeing Ridhima talking on phone.

Vansh says that Ridhima is hiding lots of things in her and he would have never come to know anything if it wasn’t for Siya who overheard Anupriya and Ridhima talking about how Anupriya burnt Vansh’s mother’s painting. Siya says that, no matter what, Ridhima has always cared for him and even took the bullet which was meant for him. She says that some secrets are better hidden like Anupriya’s one. Vansh asks what about Ridhima looking for Ragini’s truth. Siya says that she might be insecure, being his wife and hearing some other girl’s name. Vansh says that there must be trust in love and Ridhima doesn’t trust him.

Ridhima sits in temple and looks at the bangles Vansh made her wear. She says that red is the colour of betrayal for Vansh but, for her, it’s the colour of love. She decides to start a new beginning with no betrayals and prays to Mata Rani for strength. Dadi comes and suggests her not to waste her tears. She repeats her that for Vansh, his family is very important and now she is part of that too.

She asks Ridhima to be Vansh’s companion and protect him. Ridhima agrees to cross any limit to clear the rift between them. She asks for blessings from Mata Rani. When she bows down, a flower from Mata Rani’s idol drops on her head. Dadi says that she got her blessing and now she can heartly fast for Navratri and pray. She asks Ridhima to arrange the plate for aarti and tells her that all stuff needed is in the storeroom in backyard.

When Ridhima is about to leave, her phone rings. Sejal’s name flashes. Ridhima wonders why Kabir is calling her (she has saved his number with Sejal’s name). Dadi says that Sejal might coming to meet her but Ridhima tells her that Sejal has left for Dubai. Dadi is about to pick the call up to talk with Sejal but Ridhima stops her saying that they have less time left for aarti. Dadi leaves.

Ridhima picks Kabir’s call once in room and Kabir tells her that he will be suspended forever if he doesn’t get evidences against Vansh in the next seven days. He says that she is the only one who can help him. Ridhima is sorry for him but she refuses to do what he is asking for because Vansh is not a criminal but innocent. Kabir asks for proofs of his innocence and asks how she can defend a devil like him. Ridhima says that she trusts Vansh and believes that he cannot take anyone’s life. Someone is keeping an eye on her.

Episode ends