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The episode starts with Dadi recalling Vansh asking divorce from Ridhima. She remembers Pandit saying that Vansh and Ridhima’s kundalis don’t match. She starts breathing heavily and falls on ground. Vansh enters the room and rushes to her. He makes her lie on bed asking her to relax and try to take long breaths. He gives her medicine and then massages her feet. He scolds her for being careless and not taking medicines for so many days because of which her diabetes increased.

Dadi tells him that it’s good that he remembers where her medicine box is and says that his death news killed her and she even started to doubt God but she was wrong to question his power. He asks her to take care of herself for him. She asks him to forgive Ridhima for her then. He asks whether her heart allowed her eyes to see his wife marrying someone else.

 Dadi replies no but adds that elders have to bow down in front of children’s happiness: everything was going wrong and if Ridhima took one decision for herself then there was nothing wrong. Vansh promises that he will fix everything and everyone and that is why he is back. Dadi says that he got back his breath now that he is back and now she wishes for Siya to get well soon only. Vansh asks her to take rest while he’ll go to meet Siya and assures her that she will fine.

On the other hand, Ishani goes to Ridhima and bashes her. She asks her to be thankful towards Vansh since there is still a roof above her and after few days there won’t be that as well. She asks her to get lost after signing divorce papers. She locks Ridhima’s room and leaves. Ridhima is frustrated because she trusted Vihaan and he did this to her. She wonders what to do since there is only one day left.

Vansh talks to Siya and asks her not to worry as her brother is back. He swears that he will find her culprit and he knows it’s one from home only. Kabir keeps an eye on him. Vansh holds Siya’s hand and says that he knows she is a fighter: the one who can stand up from wheelchair, can fight this illness as well. He notices Kabir’s shadow and stands up walking backwards and suddenly turns around but finds none.

Meanwhile, Angre tells Ishani that this guy isn’t Vansh but someone else otherwise Vansh would have started searching for his mother’s murderer immediately. Ishani is shocked to learn that her mother was killed. Angre reveals her that Ragini was the only one who knew about her mother’s murderer. Ishani gets enraged knowing that and understands that all events are connected. She cannot bear that her mother’s murderer is free. She wonders who is the guy if not Vansh.

Also Kabir is sure that Vansh is not back but it’s someone else. Anupriya remembers overhearing Dadi saying that Vansh remembers where her medicine box is and says that he cannot know every detail. However, Kabir is sure that Ridhima planned every little detail. They argue because Anupriya is sure that it’s the real Vansh while Kabir thinks it’s a doppelganger.

On the other hand, Angre tells Ishani that he knows what to do. He has a plan. At the same time, Kabir tries to understand Ridhima’s plan. He searches for the bag with money that he thought Ridhima is taking away and wonders if the old man was part of her plan only. He gets the bag and shows the notes to Anupriya who understands that Ridhima has played with them.

Anupriya says that they can turn the tables now and play with Ridhima ending her game. She asks Kabir to get Vansh or whoever he is arrested but Kabir says that he cannot do this. He remembers burning all the proves in front of Ridhima. Anupriya scolds him after coming to know that he burnt all the evidences. She calls him idiot. Kabir yells that he didn’t dream that Vansh will be back and asks Anupriya not to behave like she didn’t make any mistake ever. He walks away.

Vansh enters his room and jumps on the bed saying that it’s a perfect room. He admires the furniture and sprinkles perfume. He sits on armchair and drinks juice. He looks at Ridhima’s picture and says that he knows some things that happened were not in contract but here the matter is something else and she has no idea who she has brought into the house.

Ridhima wonders what’s going on in the house. A servant comes in the outhouse to give Ridhima food. Ridhima stops her before she can leave. When the servant goes back home, Aryan questions her about her being late while taking food to the outhouse. He asks her to go to clean his room. Vihaan comes there and the servant shows her face: she is Ridhima. Vihaan asks her to clean his room first.

Once in the room, Ridhima beats Vihaan with the tray and scolds him for putting her out of her own house. Vihaan replies that he is Vansh Raisinghania and he couldn’t forgive her easily otherwise people would have not believed her. Ridhima scolds him because they had decided that he will forgive him. She says she couldn’t sleep whole night. He jokes. She scolds him. He pins her against wall and reminds her that he hasn’t been bought but she has just hired him.

Episode ends