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The episode starts with Jordan calling Jahan from an unknown number. Jahan gets panicked. He informs the priest that he is going out for some emergency. He shouldn’t inform anyone about it. He reaches the spot. The police ask him to identify the body. Jahan is shocked to see Jordan in the coffin and feels pity for him. Jordan makes Jahan unconscious. He thinks that if he doesn’t use his phone they will think that his story will be over. He asks the goons to place him inside the coffin. Ilahi says to Husna that she feels something is going to happen to Jahan. She asks her to check him in his room. Ilahi goes behind her and finds that Jahan’s wedding attire is there but he isn’t there. Ilahi calls him but his phone is switched off. The power supply goes off there.

Jordan comes there in disguise. Ilahi hugs him, mistaken as Jahan. She says that she fears Jordan will come to stop this wedding. Ilahi recognises him as Jordan. He takes her from there. When the power comes back, Ilahi is missing there. Jordan asks her not to dare to shout. Jahan’s life is in danger. He shows Jahan’s video to her. Ilahi is agitated seeing his video. Jordan asks her to marry him or else Jahan will die. He says that no one was able to find where the coffin was buried. Ilahi says that he is doing the wrong thing. Jordan says that she is his. He asks her to agree to marry him. Later, Dolly worries about Ilahi. Ilahi says that Jahan is with her. Jordan and Ilahi sit on the mandap. Ilahi thinks she will inform everyone this is not Jahan. Jordan thinks that he is going to marry Ilahi. Jahan is going to die. Dolly ties the ganthbandhan. The priest asks them to take vows around the sacred fire.

Jahan comes out of the coffin. Ilahi pretends to fall and informs Dolly that he is Jordan. Jahan’s life is in danger. If she reacts to it, then he will kill Jahan. Jahan fights with the goons and escapes from there. Dolly informs Baljeet that Jahan’s life is in danger. Family members learn the truth one by one. Jahan takes a lift to reach the mandap. Varun informs the police that Jahan’s life is in danger. Ilahi pretends to faint there. Baljeet asks Husna to take her inside. Jordan stops them and places a knife on Ilahi’s neck. He asks the priest to chant the mantra. He forced Ilahi to marry him. Jahan comes there and drags Jordan from there. He fights with him there. Ilahi asks Jahan to leave him. She swears at her. The police got there and arrested Jordan. Ilahi says that she has never prayed to God to ruin anyone’s life yet. She wants to ruin his life. The police took him from there. Ilahi and Jahan get married. The priest asks them to take their parents’ blessings. Tina asks them to take a selfie. Mahi glares at them.

After a few years,

Family members are pampering Jahan’s baby. Ilahi admired them. Jahan says to her, Let’s go to dinner. Ilahi asks everyone to join the dinner. Ilahi received a phone call. She is shocked to hear Jordan’s voice. Jahan is also shocked.

Episode end

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