Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is going on a sweet romantic path after such confusion and commotion with the marriage of Sonakshi and Rohit. Right after high voltage drama and heated up situation, Rohit and Sonakshi finally got reunited with a cozy wedding ceremony. Rohit and Sonakshi found their own happiness in each other’s arms while fighting for the bed.

In the upcoming episodes, to lighten up the mood and to bring some funny scenes the Sippy boys will be seen stalking around Rohit’s room. They will also witness Rohit and Sonakshi sleeping together sweetly. Here Suman will ask Puja to start giving an audition to some shows. Meanwhile, a stranger will come and click pictures of Sonakshi while she was performing her morning yoga.

Later, after finishing her yoga Sonakshi will wake Rohit up. Later, at the breakfast table, Ajit will share Rohit and Sonakshi’s last night’s picture that was from their family photo. They will be discussing the photo and have breakfast. Later, Veena will receive an anonymous phone call and will get infuriated and will berate Suman. Right after some light-hearted romance, there will be some drama coming up the way for Kahan Hum Kahan Tum’s storyline. Meanwhile, it’s just a hope that the lighthearted romantic scenes stay alive through the plot.

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