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The episode starts with Piyush asking locksmith to make key quickly.

Omkar is standing above in the balcony, Shankar comes there to distract him so that he can’t see Piyush. Shankar starts shouting loudly and saying Omkar that he did mistake by slapping him and not understanding his love for Mayura. Piyush quickly goes away from there.

Piyush thinks Omkar thinks that nothing can happen without his permission but if goddess’s blessings are there everything is possible. He has a duplicate key of cage ! Mayura thinks Piyush should come soon. Piyush enters inside mansion with key but trips due to carpet. Omkar is there in the hall too, Mayura thinks if key falls and produces noise Omkar will know about it so she screams loudly. Piyush quickly picks up the key.

 Omkar asks Mayura what happened, she says she has pain in her leg. He says her to let her see it. Then Omkar tells Piyush that some people will come to collect sample, so he should handle it. When Omkar leaves, Piyush tries to open the cage. He tells her key is made in hurry so it’s not exactly like the original. He tries to open it. Omkar thinks he will put Mayura to sleep and then continue his work. He comes and sees she is already sleeping and thinks to check her once.

Mayura is shown hiding somewhere in the box, and thinks Omkar shouldn’t understand it’s just pillows under the blanket. Then Omkar thinks he won’t disturb her sleep and leaves. Some men come to take marble boxes. Mayura is shown hidden in one of the boxes. While they are carrying the boxes outside, Manjiri comes and says them to stop. She says she wants to check all the boxes as one of them had her things.

 Piyush and Mayura panic. Manjiri opens one of the boxes and says these are marbles, she is about to open the box in which Mayura is hiding but Piyush shouts and says not that one. Then he shows her a box kept aside in the hall and says the box has her initials and it’s hers.

Sanjay comes and hugs Ashutosh and says Mayura has escaped from there and she will contact them once she reaches some safe place.


Mayura comes out of the box  in the truck. She feels happy. She recalls her marriage with Omkar.

Piyush thinks Mayura not only broke the cage but also Omkar’s pride. He worries Mayura will be alone at nighttime on Jabalpur border. Omkar comes to hall, Piyush pretends to sleep. He thinks why is Manjiri is snoring so loudly, Mayura’s sleep will be disturbed. He goes and lifts the blanket and finds Mayura missing. He goes insane. He keeps questioning Manjiri and Piyush. Omkar finds the candle piece on which they had taken key print. He understands what had happened.


Mayura drops a tile to create noise in the truck. When the driver stops and comes  back to check, Mayura gets down from the truck and hided behind tree leaves and branches. Truck leaves from there. Mayura dances happily while Udhne Do plays. Omkar is punching the boxing bag. His man comes and inform that they still didn’t find her.

Mayura is shown at a tea stall and hears some breaking news and then rushes to home. Someone is shown lying injured on the floor. Mayura recalls she heard news of attack on Asutosh by thieves.

She sees all her family members are tied up. Mayura asks Omkar did he spread fake news? He says her the city is so big, where would he have found her. He says her she can fly as much as she wants but she has to come back to his feet. He picks her up in arms and brings her to his mansion. He locks her back in the cage. She pleads him not to do so. Everytime he tries to trap her, she will escape. He says her she doesn’t understand his love language and she should stay in cage.


Precap – Omkar attacks Mayura with marble piece and injures her face.