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Neel and Chahat are in an awkward situation when they hear Saraswati’s baby crying. They both come down to check and Neel asks Aalekh why she is crying. Chahat asks him if she can try to make the baby quiet. She takes the baby and sings a lullaby for her which brings Vyas ji also down. This makes the baby fall asleep and Neel gets happy seeing this. After she sleeps mama ji takes the baby in his arms praising Chahat for her act.

Vyas ji gets emotional and praises Chahat saying that she has come as a form of Saraswati as she was singing the same lullaby that Saraswati used to sing. This puts Aalekh and Mami in distress. Neel goes to room and thanks Chahat for handling Golu. She asks him why she is standing outside the door and he says that he can’t trust her hormones. She laughs and says that she was doing that for recording video so that if he tries to do something wrong to her then she can use it to blackmail him.

Neel says that he was doing that acting as Mami was standing outside the door trying to hear them. Neel stops Chahat from sitting on bed but she gets angry. He shows her that there are papar below the bedsheet. She asks the reason behind it and he says that the family keeps papar to check whether something happened between the couple on their first night. They then remove the papar and Neel lies down. Chahat asks him whether there is something to eat but he says who gets hungry at late night.

Chahat tells him that she got this habbit from college but Neel saya there is nothing to eat. She then asks him if there is an iron and he says it is kept in drawer. She uses it on papar and eats it, she finds it less spicy so she takes the spice from Neel’s pocket which startles him. He sees her eating and Chahat offers him to eat but he refuses and goes to sleep. Meanwhile Dr Baig tries to send a signal for Chahat by flying the lamp. Chahat continuously troubles Neel and wakes him up. She says that he mood is getting romantic and Neel feels threatened.

Neel suddenly wakes up and realizes that was a dream. He feels ants biting him and goes out of the room to sleep. Neel goes to the rooftop and finds Chahat sleeping there but thinks that it is mama ji. He sets an alarm so that he can wake up early and falls asleep. In sleep he puts his hands and legs over Chahat which shocks her and she decides to teach her a lesson. She looks upwards and finds a lamp flying in sky and thi ka that her dad is trying to send her a signal so she goes.

In morning Mami goes to rooftop where she finds Neel sleeping. She gets suspicious about the relationship between him and Chahat and clicks a photo of him sleeping. She goes to his room to take Chahat’s photo but finds that she is not there. She creates a ruckus and shouts that Chahat has run away from the house. Neel hears her and wakes up in shock. The episode ends.