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The episode starts with Ridhima coming back to Mandap surprising everyone. Dadi notices blood on her hand and asks what happened. In a flashback, Ridhima is shown telling Kabir to remember that he hates Vansh as much as he loves her. She tells him that when she heard the shot earlier, she thought that he died and, thinking that, she died for a moment too. She says that he cannot snatch her life from her. Flashback ends. Ridhima replies to Dadi that she slipped. Vansh thinks that Ridhima is hiding something for sure.

Pandit Ji says that muharat has come and asks bride and groom to sit on mandap. Vansh walks towards Ridhima in anger but Dadi stops him and says that they can talk later and do the wedding rituals now. She asks Ridhima to come ahead.

Ridhima and Vansh sit on mandap and wedding rituals begin. As the ceremony goes on, Ridhima starts recollecting what happened. Flashback starts. Ridhima stops Kabir from shooting himself and tells him that if he dies then Vansh will win. She says that they can win tomorrow even if they failed today but Kabir is frustrated because they keep losing. He says that Vansh is a criminal but he couldn’t get a single proof against him yet. He says that he put his everything on sake just to get Vansh arrested but he couldn’t complete his duty, he has lost. Ridhima says that he isn’t responsible for this defeat but she is the one since he chose her for this work but she couldn’t complete this mission. She apologizes and adds that they will fight together until their last breath and she will do anything he asks for. She says that they are not united only by heart but also by their breaths which shall end together if they have to end. Flashback ends.

Pandit Ji asks Vansh and Ridhima to stand up for vows. Vansh gets up but Ridhima is still sitting. Everybody looks on. Flashback starts. Ridhima asks Kabir to think about one way. Kabir asks her what if he asks him something which is worse than death. Ridhima says that he shall ask her first. Flashback ends.

Dadi asks Ridhima to stand up. Aryan says that it doesn’t seem she wants to marry. Ridhima gets up. Siya smiles. Vansh and Ridhima exchange garlands and then they start taking vows. Ridhima recalls what happened earlier. Kabir tells Ridhima that he is going to ask her to pay a price for love that nobody has ever asked before and nobody is going to ask ever. He asks her if she can marry Vansh for his mission. Ridhima steps back shocked. Title track plays. Ridhima breaks down on her knees and recalls proposing Kabir for marriage kneeling down. Kabir kneels down in front of her and recalls how he had knelt in front of her saying that he is lucky that she loves him.

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In present, Pandit Ji asks bride to come ahead for the fifth vow. Ridhima stands in front of Vansh but stops walking. Vansh asks her to step ahead. He says that it seems like there is something more important than wedding for her right now that is why she is not there despite being physically there. Ridhima replies that there is nothing more important than this wedding for her right now and starts walking again.

Flashback starts. Ridhima stands up. Kabir says that he is aware that he has not given her anything except pain in this relationship and adds that he will die with her slowly too with all this. He asks if she is ready to pay such a price for their love. Ridhima says that he could have asked for her life and all her happiness and she would have given but he asked her to live a life worse than death. Kabir looks down. Ridhima looks towards VR Mansion and then kneels in front of Kabir saying that she is ready to pay this price for her love. Kabir looks at her. Flashback ends.

Vansh makes Ridhima wear the mangalsutra. Ridhima recalls telling Kabir that he is her everything, the only dear person she has in his life, and she can do anything for him. Vansh fills Ridhima’s maang with sindoor. Flashback starts. Ridhima asks Kabir to promise her that he will immediately go out of the mansion and walk on the way towards his freedom. She stands up and asks Kabir to leave. Kabir tries to say something but Ridhima turns around and asks him to leave otherwise she won’t be able to do this if he says anything more. Kabir grabs the gun he had dropped. Title track plays. Kabir and Ridhima walks towards opposite sides: Kabir goes out of the VR Mansion while Ridhima goes inside. Before they leave, they look at each other as Rihima’s chunari gets stuck with Kabir’s button. Ridhima notices that Kabir’s hand is bleeding and tears her chunari wrapping it around his hand. They look at each other and then leave towards their respective ways. Kabir jumps out of the mansion. Ridhima wipes her tear. Flashback ends.

Vansh looks at Ridhima who has wet eyes. They are married now.

Episode ends