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The episode starts with Ibadat saying to Farhaan that she would have send him to jail if it won’t affect Mannat’s respect. She warns him to leave from there. She closed the window. Subhan comes there. He asks Ibadat why did she hide it from him? She didn’t tell him that she has a boyfriend. He is her friend. He can help her to convince her mom. She will get her boyfriend at least. He didn’t get his love. Subhan talked emotionally about his love. Mannat is about to reveal the truth. Ibadat stops her and says that it’s late night. Subhan teases her. Kaynaat hears it all and smirks at them. Later, Ibadat questions Mannat for hiding this matter from her. Mannat says that she didn’t allowed her to reveal it to Subhan that he is her friend. Ibadat says that she is shamelessly hiding the truth from her again. How did she fell into his trap? He is a worst person. Mannat says that he isn’t a worst person like she thinking. Ibadat says that he is taking drugs. His friends are thugs. They are thinking girls are use and throw things. How did she fall into his trap? Mannat says that it’s a timepass. Ibadat says that she forgave many mistakes of her but not this. How could Mannat use a word time pass.

Dua and Haider’s love can written on the book. They are symbol of true love. She shouldn’t behave like this. If she isn’t in a serious relationship with him then why did she rejected Subhan’s proposal? Later, Kaynaat says to Hina that Gazal’s daughter is showing her real colors like her mom. She brought her lover to home. Hina says that Ibadat is playing with our family reputation. If she don’t punish her then her name isn’t Hina. Kaynaat says that she shouldn’t say anything to Ibadat. Hina says that she did wrong then how could she keep quiet. Kaynaat says that we are searching for a chance to hurt Dua and Ibadat. She got that chance. Hina says that she wanted it not her. Kaynaat says that she will ruin Dua’s happiness. Hina says that Ibadat did the mistake. Why she is trying to punish Dua for it. Kaynaat says that her brother’s soul will get a peace by it. Kaynaat says that Dua will definitely accept Subhan’s proposal. She shares her plan with her. Ibadat asks Mannat what’s wrong with her? She lied to Dua that she wanted to help her in the business. She rejected Subhan for that Farhaan. Subhan is a good person. He is well educated and most importantly he loves her. Why she is choosing a thug over him. Mannat says that she is fed up hearing his name. She isn’t loving him. Why don’t they understand it.

Mannat says that Subhan is a good person according to them. But she has different opinions. If Ibadat likes him she can marry him. Ibadat says that he loves her. Mannat says that she don’t need to hide it from her. She is aware that Ibadat loving Subhan. Mannat sleeps in anger. Ibadat thinks that her destiny isn’t lucky like her. She promised to Subhan to unite her with him. She won’t allow Mannat to ruin her life. Later, Farhaan thinks that Ibadat shouldn’t have slapped him. He won’t leave Ibadat. Dua has a nightmare. She prayed for Mannat’s safety. She prays for Ibadat too. Meanwhile, Ibadat says to Subhan that he has to take this risk. He might sing to impress Mannat. Subhan says that it’s impossible. Ibadat says that Mannat is crazy for super secret star in London. She is madly in love with him. She liked Singers. She asks him to learn to sing like him at least. It’s the best way to impress her. She says a quotes. He says that he heard these quotes before. He talked with it with Mannat. How did she know it?

Subhan asks Ibadat if she studied it? Ibadat says that she knew their secrets. She says that she will help him to impress Mannat. He says that he will help her to get with Farhaan. She leaves from there. He thinks that she is shy. Later, Ibadat says to Armaan that she is aware he don’t like her. But she needs his help to save Mannat from Farhaan. He isn’t a good person. We have to stop him from ruining Mannat’s life. He assures to help her. Later, Subhan shares his secret with Sufi. He tells him that Ibadat is helping him. But Kaynaat considering her as her enemy.

Episode end

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