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The episode starts with Annapoorna shouting in head ache. Yasodha calls her to take break fast. She replies to her that she has head ache. Annapoorna informs to Yasodha that she can’t able to forgot the incident Kalpana shouted on her and fights with her. Yasodha replies to her that Kalpana shouldn’t shout on her like that. Annapoorna says to her that Manickam reacted like that yesterday so she slapped Roja. Kalpana dislikes it that’s why she is angry on her. Yasodha says to her she will call Kalpana.

Yasodha informs to Kalpana about Annapoorna’s head ache. Kalpana questions her what happened? Annapoorna replies to her thar her head is aching like hell nothing is work out. Kalpana calls Arjun and informs to him everything. Arjun teases Annapoorna and Yasodha. Kalpana asks him to take her to hospital. Annapoorna deny it and informs to her that Shenbagam used to prepare medicine for Annapoorna then her head ache will fly away. Arjun says to them that If Shenbagam has that talent then it will go to her daughter too automatically. Its in genetic. Arjun calls Anu there and shows Annapoorna state to her.

Arjun says to Anu that Annapoorna doesn’t need her sympathy but medicine. Anu says to him that she will take her to hospital. Arjun informs to her about Shenbagam’s special medicine ( Pathu). Anu replies to him its very easy to do it.
Anu writes 10 on Annapoorna’s temple. Everyone starts to laugh seeing it. Annapoorna says to Anu that Shenbagam used to prepare medicine for her she asked her to prepare that but what did she done? Yasodha says to Anu that she once helped her with that medicine right Annapoorna is asking for that. Anu understands her trick and manages infront of Yasodha. Arjun asks Anu to bring it for Annapoorna. She nods and leaves from there.

Arjun says to Kalpana that Anu definitely has no idea about it. If Shenbagam know the medicine then Roja definitely know about it. If she do this then Annapoorna can understand that Roja is Shenbagam’s daughter. Kalpana appreciates his idea. Anu complaints to Yasodha that she has no idea about it all. Why is Annapoorna asking for that Pathu instead of English medicine. Balu informs to her what’s Arjun plan. Anu says to him that she can’t able to allow that Roja to get good name infront of Annapoorna. She asks Balu to bring the ingredients.

Roja is checking the ingredients. Kalpana says to Roja that she wished to inform Roja how to do this? But look at Roja how did she got ready to do it. Roja informs to Kalpana that she must grind it in treditional way then only this medicine will work out. Yasodha complaints to Anu that Arjun provoked Anu to do it one side and asked Roja to do it another side.

Roja is doing pooja there. Balu comes there with medicine. Yasodha asks Anu to take bath. She refuses to take bath reasoning Roja already started preparing it. Yasodha informs to her that she must take bath before doing it. Anu replies to her that she will be late then. Balu asks Anu to pretends like took bath. Anu says to Yasodha that she is going to grind it in mixi then she can manages the time. Roja is praying to god to cure Annapoorna’s head ache.

Balu gets a call from shop. He informs to Balu that he took something else with him instead of Orginal medicine. Balu goes to check Anu she already starts grind it. Balu stands there helpless. Roja is grinding the medicine in treditional way. Kalpana offers help to her but she rejects it. Anu comes near Annapoorna and applies it on her head. Annapoorna asks Anu to stop it reasoning its burning. Annapoorna complaints to Anu that she done mistakes. Roja comes there with her medicine. Annapoorna refuses to apply it.

Episode end.