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The episode starts with Prabhu questions Sadhasivam Is he really thinking he is the reason for it all? Sadashivam complaints to him that Prabhu is showing immaturity here. Its better to sale that construction in that amount. Its not going to be a big loss to them. Prabhu says to him that he started it all so he will solve this issues too. He is going to Kodaikanal to complete it. Indhumathi stops him by saying that Dharma is dangerous person. Prabhu replies to her that he must go there to fix everything.

Indhumathi prays to God for Prabhu’s safety. She says to god that she felt bad when Prabhu removed that safety locket in temple. She tied it on him because his life is at sake. Now everything like she feared. Prabhu decided to go Kodaikanal. Hearing from all its not safety for him to go there. She asks god to help her out. Sathya is standing outside of Prayer room. Indhumathi shares to her about her fear. She asks Sathya to speak with Prabhu. If she speak with him then he will definitely listen to her. Sathya says to her that she knew well he won’t go to Kodaikanal if she asks him. But she is not going to stop him inatead she is going with him together.

Indhumathi dislikes her idea and scolds her for taking this decision. Indhumathi says to Sathya that she don’t like Prabhu going there then how will she allow Sathya to go there? Sathya replies to Indhumathi that she can’t able to sit here after sending him there. Her heart is not feeling good to sending him alone. More then she can’t stop him going because its matter of business. He tried very hard to achieve in this state. He brought his company into no. 1 position. She knew wel how hard he is trying so she can’t able to simply stop him.

Sathya assures to Indhumathi that she will take care of Prabhu there. Sathya is sitting in her room. Prabhu comes there and appologizes to Sathya for not able to keep his promise this time too. He says to her that something is always coming to stop their trip. He appologizes to her again and says to her that he will definitely take her to Agra next time. Sathya says to him that she is not sad for canceling the trip.

Sathya asks Prabhu to take her to Kodaikanal. Prabhu deny it reasoning its very risk to take her there. Already many problems are going on there if he takes Sathya there then she will create new problems. He asks her to change her idea. Sathya pouts. Prabhu is sleeping. Sathya glares him and goes to washroom. She takes out his brush, paste and towel from washroom and hides it. Prabhu wakes up and greets her. Sathya turns her face away.

Prabhu goes to washroom and notices his things are missing inside. He asks Sathya to give it to him. Sathya questions him. if she do this all for him now, who will help him in Kodaikanal? Prabhu replies to her that she is trying to make him understand that he needs her help. He says to her that he will buy everything from out. Prabhu notices Sathya is sitting silent. Sathya again asks him to take her with him. He said no.

Prabhu back gets wrench. He winces in pain and asks Sathya to help him. Sathya questions him if he get sprain in Kodaikanal who will help him. He asks to her why did she bringing Kodaikanal in everything. Sathya agrees to help him if he listen to her condition. He nods. Sathya helps him and asks him to take her with him. He refuses to take her with him.

Sathya brings Indhumathi and complaints to her that Prabhu is not taking her with him to Kodaikanal. She asks him to take Sathya also. He replies to her that he is going to solve the issues there. Sathya is short tempered she can’t able to sit there silently. Sathya assures to him that she won’t create any problems there. She will listen to him. He asks her to come with him like traditional girl with long hair. Sathya dressed up beautiful.

Episode end.